carla suzzani

As sweet as can be

by Roza Sinaysky
11-03-15 Liat Raziel

Igly & Nity are here

by Roza Sinaysky
16-01-15 Igly & Nity

Lara’s way

by Roza Sinaysky
14-12-14 lara

Winter Duckling

by Roza Sinaysky
29-11-14 ugly duckling

Magic carpet

by Roza Sinaysky
11-11-14 Rotem Lebel

the latest

9_Gal Weinstein_El Al and Jesreel Valley in the Dark_2017_installation view_Israeli Pavilion_photo by Claudio Franzini

Gal Weinstein at The Venice Biennial

by Danielle Gorodenzik Read more

Gilad Ratman

by Goni Riskin Read more

The Mā Project

by Merav Ben Loulou Read more
אליאן סטולרו זקט 1950 במקום 2200 שח מכנס 2100 שח צילום מרינה מוסקוביץ כריס

Eliane Stoleru

by Roza Sinaysky Read more
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