Eliane Stoleru

by Roza Sinaysky | 27.07.17

אליאן סטולרו שמלה 2720 שח צילום מרינה מוסקוביץ כריס (1)

A few weeks ago, Telavivian’s fashion editor Roza Sinaysky popped into the chic and sophisticated Eliane Stoleru boutique and studio on Dizengoff Street—it had a fun and playful window display which was very inviting, and what Roza discovered inside was a high-end collection made out of the highest quality fabrics, with a level of craftmenship that might put any French fashion house to shame. Besides discovering this great collection, Roza also had the chance to sit down with the woman who carries the brand’s name. Here is a glimpse at her chat with the fantastic Eliane Stoleru.

אליאן סטולרו שמלה 5900 שח צילום מרינה מוסקוביץ כריס (1)

You’ve been a designer for many years now. Please tell us about your history in the fashion industry—how did it all start? 

I began to design clothes for myself very early, when I was a teenager. My mother used to make clothes for us, and I wanted to do it by myself. I grew up in France and I’m very influenced by fashion and good taste. When I came to Israel at the age of 17, I decided to make my hobby a profession and a way of life. So I started to learn at Shenkar College. When I finished my studies, almost 30 years ago, it was natural for me to open my own brand.

אליאן סטולרו שמלה 8250 שח צילום מרינה מוסקוביץ כריס (1)

How has the Israeli fashion industry changed through the years?

Israeli fashion opened itself up to the world, and the world of fashion came to Israel. We have very good Israeli fashion designers, and everything here is becoming global.

אליאן סטולרו זקט 1950 במקום 2200 שח מכנס 2100 שח צילום מרינה מוסקוביץ כריס

You recently dressed the First Lady, how did it feel and who else would you love to dress? 

I was very happy and honored to dress Mrs. Sarah Netanyahu. I was very proud to be chosen to be the only Israeli designer dressing her for the important occasion of meeting Mrs. Melania Trump.

I was also asked to dress the First Lady for the opening gala of Israeli Fashion Week, which is the most important event of the fashion industry in Israel. It was a really a big moment for me to make sure that Mrs. Netanyahu was fashionable and sophisticated—and it was a huge success. I would like to dress more female political figures in our country, as well as those who are in the business sector. I think it’s very important for women in those positions to sport Israeli fashion. I would like to dress powerful women from all over the world.

אליאן סטולרו עליונית 3200 שח מכנס 2100 שח צילום מרינה מוסקוביץ כריס (1)

Tell me how you build your collections, what is the process for designing a new collection?

Usually I begin building the collections by my ideas & inspirations, and then work on creating groups of shapes and colours.

You use very special and high quality materials, how do you source them? What makes you excited about textiles? 

I look for fabrics both abroad and in Israel, I love the feeling of good quality fabrics.

אליאן סטולרו שמלה 2720 שח צילום מרינה מוסקוביץ כריס (2)

What has been the best fashion moment in your career? 

It was around the time of the Oslo Accords, I don’t remember the exact year. I participated in the ‘Peace Fashion Show’ in Caesarea in the presence of Yitsak Rabin—with some of the best international and Israeli designers. We really hoped that peace would happen soon.

What do you like about living and creating in Tel Aviv?
I love the atmosphere of Tel Aviv, the people, the laid-back lifestyle and the sunlight.

אליאן סטולרו שמלה 4200 שח צילום מרינה מוסקוביץ כריס (1)

Where do you go to get inspired in Israel?
I get inspiration from Israeli architecture and art.

Give us a tip on how to look and dress feminine. 

Designer Elian

Designer Elian Stolero. Photo credit: Eitan Tal. | Facebook | Instagram: @eliane_stoleru

Photo Credits: Marina Moskovich Chris
Modern: Huda Naccach
 Hair and Makeup: Elran efergan

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