Retro Chic At Its Finest

by Roza Sinaysky | 20.06.17

SAMPLE founders and designer Einav and Nofar have done it again—the sisters have designed another fascinating, strong, feminine and playful collection this season with a nostalgic twist, reflecting on their childhood in the 70s and 80s. Telavivian’s fashion editor, Roza Sinaysky, sat down to interview the duo and find out what inspired their S/S 2017 collection!


Congrats on another wonderful collection and a fantastic shoot! Can you tell us what can we will see at the SAMPLE boutique this season? 

In this collection, you can find that there is a lot of inspiration from the 70s and 80s, with many retro chic prints and patterns. The clothes we made for this collection were inspired by our old family albums—our mum used to sew our clothes, there are some key pieces that we remember from our childhood and we wanted to recreate that memory. You will find modern interpretation to some trends from that time, such as shoulder pads, embroidery and logo tank tops. We also designed several new accessories to match this collection, such as: earrings, lapel pins, belts and shoes.



You always choose to shoot your campaigns in exotic locations outside of Israel, can you tell us about this season’s campaign?

We always look for a location that will connect with our current collection and will express the visual and emotional feel of it. This time, we found an apartment that has not been touched since the 70s. At first we saw photos of it, and the first thing we noticed were the carpets—they were almost identical to the ones we had at home growing up. This was a sign we had to shoot there! Once we arrived to the location, we found many more items that resembled our childhood home, it was the perfect set up for this shoot.



Everyone wants to know—are you planning to expand the brand and sell your collections outside of Israel?

At the moment, we have no plans to export our brand abroad, many have asked us this question, but we are focusing on the local market and on our new store at Ramat Aviv Mall. Of course, selling outside of Israel is a very exciting and tempting opportunity for any designer here, but keeping up with daily business of producing overseas and giving the best personal customer service is challenging. It will be a challenge to get as much love overseas as we get from our clients here.


You are sisters, and you each have big families yourselves—how is it to work as siblings and how do you juggle between a busy family life and a successful brand? 

As sisters we complete each other. Both of us have large families (Nofar has 3 kids and Einav has 5!) so we know what it takes to juggle between work and family commitments, that’s why we always have each other’s backs no matter what.


What keeps you motivated in each collection? 

The fashion world is more exciting than ever but also changing fast, all the time. We feel like we need to keep up with it and we love that challenge.


Do you see a change in the Israeli fashion industry?

 Yes, in recent years there are a lot of young, talented designers that are building amazing & modern brands, Israeli customers have definitely stepped forward lately as a result of exposure to social media and blogs, we tell that they are more daring and much more trendy than ever before.


What do you like about being an Israeli designer? What are the advantages of living and creating here?

We love the challenge of not being in a fashion capital like Paris or New York, this gives us more space to design and less competition. We have the chance to re-invent ourselves every season because we have such supportive clients here!







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Retro Chic At Its Finest

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