Fashion Soulmates

by Roza Sinaysky | 11.06.17


He is one of the most successful designers in Israel with a new studio in New York and a blossoming ready-to-wear collection; she is a master of branding and image consulting and one of the most feminine ladies around—together they are simply fashion soulmates. Tal Klienbort and Alon Livne are making a dream come true in their latest uber stylish and sexy photo shoot of Alon’s latest collection inspired by a rose garden. A classic case of a designer and their muse.

טל קליינבורט לאלון ליבנה צילום דודי חסון (3)

You are not only best friends but you work a lot together for a very long time, can you tell us about your friendship and about your mutual work process?

Tal: Alon and I are what you would call ‘soulmates’, we are so similar in many ways, we are very aware of and sensitive to each other. Even though we now live far away from each other, as Alon recently moved to New York, our connection is still strong—you could say we are like twins. We’ve known each other for 16 years and have been through a lot together as best friends. Our friendship is based on a lot of respect and unconditional love. I am definitely glad I have found my soulmate!

Alon: Tal and I have been friends for over 15 years. When I was starting my career in fashion she was there guiding my way—from my studies at Shenkar to my internship at Alexander MCcqueen and my work at Roberto Cavalli—Tal was there for me. Even back then, we would style some editorials together, or I would create garments for her. We both grew together in our career path, and today she is the art director of my brand.

טל קליינבורט לאלון ליבנה צילום דודי חסון (2)

טל קליינבורט לאלון ליבנה צילום דודי חסון (4)

Alon, It’s clear that Tal is your muse, tell us about this fabulous photoshoot, how did it come to life? 

Alon: In this shoot we wanted to create strong images of a powerful woman, just like a rose—beautiful and elegant, but spiky and tough. We created a dreamy pink set with elements from fairytales. In the process of this shoot, Tal and I felt like it was a dream come true. I managed to capture her personality through this shoot.

טל קליינבורט לאלון ליבנה צילום דודי חסון (1)

טל קליינבורט לאלון ליבנה צילום דודי חסון (5)

Alon, you recently moved to New York where you opened a studio—that’s a huge step! What brought you to NYC and are you happy about the move? 

Alon: I always dared to go very far with my dreams and having my own studio in New York was one of my biggest dreams and goals. New York has endless opportunities and there is no other place in the world where I could experience what I do here. Of course, not everything is always as glamorous as it seems, it’s hard being away from family and friends, and I do miss Tel Aviv a lot—but I find time to visit every couple of months. I still have my Tidal studio in Tel Aviv and that’s where I design my bridal and evening collections and meet with my clients—that’s always very important to me. I have just launched my new website, where you can find my ready-to-wear line and some illustrations I’ve been working on.


Tal, in your opinion, what makes a woman feminine? 

Tal: I think it starts from within, with confidence and inner peace. The most important thing is to be connected to yourself and your truth. I meet a lot of women who don’t wear a lot of makeup or dress quite casually, but they are still strong women. Then I see the complete opposite—some women put on a guard, with heels and makeup, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are confident.


Tal, your make up is always flawless (not just on camera)! Can you give us some beauty tips?! 

Tal: I don’t wear that much makeup, to be honest! I am known for my red lips, that’s for sure—it really became my trademark and you will never find me without wearing red lipstick. My tip: keep a very natural look, and add some red lipstick to feel glamorous and feminine all the time!


Photos: Dudi Hasson
Make up: Naor Apale
Hair: Sagi Dahary


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