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by Roza Sinaysky | 02.05.17

You know how much we adore summer clothes, right? As huge fans of summer dressing, we Tel Avivians are always on the lookout for the perfect summer dresses that will make us feel comfortable, feminine, chic—and yes—it also has to be light for the steamy Israeli weather.

This challenging combination can’t be found in many design studios, but Parlez De Vous has had the answer for the last couple of seasons. With their feminine boho chic cuts and natural fabrics, Parlez De Vous shoppers will manage to find gorgeous options each time. This season, there have been some refreshing changes in the brand, and Telavivian sat down to talk with Suzan Shani Daniel learn all about this new direction!

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Hi Suzan, you recently made major changes to the brand, will you tell Telavivian readers about them? 

My business partner and I parted ways after 4 years of working together, and I felt that the brand needed to be refreshed, as did I! I started working on a new and fresh summer collection by myself, and it was really important for me to save the current line and the aesthetic of the brand, but still implement some changes into it. This journey so far has been a maturing journey, which has definitely helped me shape my guidelines as a designer.

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As part of my rebranding, I wanted to bring in some new energy with a new and refreshed version of our brand’s name. I’ve decided to change the name of the brand to Parlez de Vous.

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You also moved to a new studio and set up a beautiful store in Old Jaffa, how does it feel to be in such an inspiring area?

The new studio is magical! It feels like I’m in Paris or a small town in Italy. Everything around it is pastoral, I’m surrounded with green and blooming environment which gives me peace and calmness. I think that the effect is very much reflected in the new collection.

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The latest campaign you did is very different from the brand’s usual visual language, how did you evolve as a designer recently and what inspired you?

I think I’ve grown and matured. As a designer, I always had a unique imprint, but in the current collection, the language is very clear and present. I have a very specific vision—in my mind I know exactly how an item should look and feel, and of course, I always keep my clients in mind. This last collection was born out of a wish to prove to myself that I can keep creating and forming an entire collection on my own.

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The inspiration for the collection is a magical dream vacation in Greece where the wearer is surrounded by beautiful beaches and lots of cocktails! The collection consists of everyday outfits that can be easily transformed into evening outfits with the right pair of heels—with no effort, you can still feel very feminine and elegant. Even in terms of location for the campaign, it was really important for me to combine an added value, and I found that the combination between the art of Yuval Shaul’s studio and my collection produced a distinct artistic language.

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Tell us about the new collection, what fabrics do you like to use? What cuts & colors?

The collection is composed of dresses, mainly, because I think its the perfect item for our Tel Avivian summer. I use embroidered cotton fabrics, silk, chiffon fabrics and leather. The dominant colors are my beloved whites with blues and even refreshing yellows.

What’s behind the name of your brand?

The meaning of the name “Parlez De Vous” is “Talk about you”—meaning, when you wear our brand, people will talk about you.

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A lot of cool girls are wearing your designs, is there anyone you are dreaming to see in your creations?

That’s true—and very fun to see and flattering! I think that the person I would like to see wear my dresses is without a doubt my beloved grandmother Suzan Shoshana who sadly, I did not have the chance to know. But my designs are inspired by her image, and the beautiful woman that she was.

Can you tell us about the future plans for your brand?

Currently my plans are to reach the international market and open an online website.

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Parlez De Vous Studio,  Rabi Haninna St. 21, Tel Aviv, 050-409-5010.
Facebook | Instagram: @parlezdevous

Photography: Merav Ben Loulou
Makeup: Dana Kfir
Hair: Boaz Ozeri
Model: Hania


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