When Fashion Meets Art

by Roza Sinaysky | 04.04.17

Art and fashion always go hand-in-hand—these two worlds feed of each other’s creativity and it is not uncommon that a designer becomes inspired by an art exhibition and transforms it into a wearable collection. This connection is exactly what inspired Tel Avivian designer Hilla Toledano‘s S/S 2017 look book and campaign.

Shooting at one of the most prestigious galleries in Tel Aviv, Zemack Gallery was the backdrop for this new campaign. Shot by renowned photographer Merav Ben Loulou, the team achieved a look that is both contemporary and artistic. As soon as Telavivian saw these photographs, we just had to ask Hilla more about this beautiful, art inspired collection!


There are some exciting new shapes and colors in your collection, tell us about them? 

The latest design is the circle bag in a selection of colors and textures; like faux snakeskin, lizard and fur, there are also some sculptured backpacks which all have adjustable straps and some oversized folded clutch bags in a variety of colours and textures. I also continued with my bestseller “bucket bag” in some new shades and sizes.

I also noticed you have a new line of travel related accessories, can you tell us more about them?

Bleecker and Prince created special gold letters to place on each passport cover and mini wallet—with these gold letters you can personalize any item you buy from my collection.

Have you traveled somewhere recently that inspired you?

Yes, I was in Paris recently and I was incredibly inspired by the way women dress. In Paris, nothing is too much or too casual—you can dress in anyway and it still looks chic, I loved how people put things together in such an elegant way! I found that very inspiring.

Do you find living in Tel Aviv inspiring too? What do you like about this town?

It might sound surprising but I adore the food scene in Tel Aviv, if I wasn’t a bag designer I would definitely be a cook. I enjoy seeing all the restaurants and tasting the amazing food we have here—the food, the colours and the way it’s presented is very inspiring for me. I am also very much inspired by the art scene here, in fact I wanted my bags to look like objects of art in this shoot—in the way they were shot, the manner in which the pictures were framed and also the way the model was standing on a exhibition platform.



Since your campaign was shot in a gallery and you are so inspired by art please tell us what was the last art exhibition you’ve seen? 

Zemack Gallery, where I shot my latest campaign, presented an exhibition by photographer Roger Ballen who I admire. Recently I also visited the Fresh Paint Art Fair and I was blown away by the amount of talented painters and artists we have here—this was definitely and eye-opening event, to realize that I am surrounded by incredibly talented people. I want to continue to explore this connection between art and fashion and perhaps do a collaboration with an artist in the future!















IMG_9660 | Facebook | Instagram: @hillatoledano

Photography: BenLoulou
Art Director and Style:  Tal Ben Shalom
Model: Karin Kimel
Hair and Makeup: Gili Shani Zoref
Location: Zemack Gallery


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