Meet Sharon Moshi

by Roza Sinaysky | 05.02.17

Due to her many travel arrangements, Telavivian’s fashion writer Roza Sinaysky had to miss Shenkar’s latest graduate show—luckily (but not surprisingly), Roza caught up with what she missed pretty fast. One of the major talents she noticed was Sharon Moshi, and it didn’t take long to be absolutely stunned by her use of color and shapes. So impressed with Sharon Moshi’s final project, Roza just had to find out more about her unique visual universe and sit down with the designer for an interview. Watch out for Sharon—she is on the right path to becoming another Shenkar success story!

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Sharon, tell us about your background in fashion, how did you start?

I was born into a family of jewelers and fashion designers, so I can say that it was almost natural for me to fall in love with creating and designing. I remember myself as a young girl cutting up different garments and tying or pinning them creatively back together. I got my first sewing kit on my 10th birthday from my grandmother upon my request, and at that time I was making miniature clothes to fit my barbie dolls.

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You studied at Shenkar, one of the top fashion schools in the world according to BOF (Business of Fashion), can you tell us what it was like studying there?

Being accepted to Shenkar was definitely a memorable moment. It is an honor to be part of such a successful and prestigious college that only accepts about 15% of those who apply. Studying in a college that is on an international level requires a lot of effort and consistency as well as determination for fashion designing.

Thanks to the head of the fashion design department at Shenkar, Mrs. Leah Perez and a flawless team of art and design teachers, the college allows us to integrate into some of fashions biggest names during school or after graduating.

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Your final collection is so colorful and vibrant, tell us about it, what inspired you to design it?

I started my research at an exhibition named 17 SCREENS  by Ronan and Erwan Boutoullec at the Tel Aviv Museum, and was very curious to see the creative joints that connected different objects. I continued by researching modularity and all that it entails, and discovered a whole new world of interior design based on this idea. I was inspired by the Danish influential interior and furniture designer Verner Panton who is well known for his stunning colorful and modular couches and chairs. Another dominant element that dictates the color palette of this collection was a modular children’s block game with face features.

What are your future plans for the brand, what is the direction you want to take after your  successful graduation?

I have always been passionate about bridal wear. I am now in the midst of creating a collection of chic and feminine wedding gowns that will be desirable and on a couture level, made from the highest quality of material.

What advice would you give to those who want to study fashion?

As a fashion design student, it is important to be open minded and to accept criticism. Fashion school is not just about practical studies but is a great opportunity to explore and be exposed to other talented creative individuals. Fashion school can be very intensive and competitive, therefore one should never lose trust in their abilities and themselves.

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What do you like most about living and creating in Tel Aviv ?

Tel Aviv is Israel’s fashion capital. It is a city rich in culture and art, and is young and free spirited. It is an inspiring environment to design and create in, and as a fashion designer having all you need for the design process in one place is a tremendous advantage.

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Who would you like to see ️wearing your designs?

The first person and fashion icon I would love to see wearing my designs would be Anna Dello Russo. She is able to style and put runway outfits together unlike anybody else, including the models who originally showcased them. I appreciate her maximalism and extravagant taste.

Another fashion icon that I would like to see wearing my designs is Leandra Medine Cohen best known as “man repellent”. I find her appearance and style very unique and I can also relate to her statement “that good fashion is about pleasing women, not men. So it happens to be, the trends women love, men hate.”

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Photography: Rotem lebel
Model: Liliya Krishtalev | Elinor Shahar
Makeup artist: Netta Szekely for Mac
Hair stylist: Tal Ben


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