Nitzan Krispil

by Roza Sinaysky | 18.10.16

It’s no secret that the wedding industry in Israel is a big deal, which means that there are more bridal designers than one can count. Every once in a while, however, there is one that really stands out, like Nitzan Krispil, who recently captured Telavivian’s attention!

Nitzan graduated with Fashion Design degree and after working with some of the top designers in Israel and doing an internship in a well-known fashion house abroad; she decided to open her own brand.  Now, she is dressing many happy Tel Avivian brides. Here is what Nitzan has to say about the industry and about her super chic white dresses.

Nitzan, can you tell Telavivian readers a bit about yourself and how you became a bridal wear designer? 

Creation has always been a part of my life, and from a young age I’ve always known that I would someday have my own boutique. Choosing the area of wedding gown design was mostly, among other reasons, due to my great passion for Haute Couture. In Israel, Haute Couture finds its closest implementation in wedding gowns—a field that allows combining Haute Couture principles with the things that attract me most: luxury material, lace, precision, quality and very punctilious hand work with attention to each and every detail.

Along with this extreme passion, I also enjoy designing casual wear with special textiles and evening gowns; but it’s a less rewarding and more demanding realm in the local industry. Hopefully I will be able to produce an evening gown collection that will be sold along with the wedding collection in the future.

What do you enjoy the most about designing bridal wear? The least?

The things that I enjoy most while working with a bride are the intimate and personal work with her, and the fact that my design is a significant part of one of the most important days of her life—helping her fulfill a dream that she has probably been planning and imagining from a very young age.

The part that my brides and I enjoy the least is when the stress that accompanies all the other wedding day plans takes over and they are no longer sure about anything!

The wedding industry in Israel is one of the strongest in the world—it seems that business-wise, many designers make special collections just for brides. What makes Israel such a big industry for this field? 

The wedding industry has always been very successful and is always evolving in Israel. It’s a combination of the traditions and religious ceremonies which are very important in Israel, which allows a great deal of money to be invested in it, which then contributes the industry’s success. In the last few years, some Israeli wedding gown designers got recognition abroad and Israel became famous for its wedding gowns.


Tell us about your creative process, where do you start designing a new dress? 

My design process begins with inspiration for the collection. It can be any subject that draws my attention. Then, I start gathering material and collecting the right fabrics to create special textiles. The last stage is the sketching that is inspired from everything I mentioned above.

All of the fabrics for the gowns in my collections are made of quality, organic materials such as silk chiffon, silk organza, Viscose and embroidered cotton which I combine with French lace or vintage lace that I collect while traveling around the world. I finish each dress by applying stones and delicate pearls by hand.


There are many bridal wear designers in Israel, so there is a lot of competition—how do you stand out and what makes your dresses unique? 

This industry is very competitive. I try to bring something very unique to my collection that is new and exciting. Each piece is created with special fabrics, sophisticated patterns and unique, different kinds of lengths. Using vintage laces and hands-on work with every piece makes each dress one of a kind.

My studio is located in a loft in the old city of Yafo, close to the port. It offers a calm and intimate atmosphere that adds to the personal attention involved in the process.

My designs apply to brides who want to be especially unique and special on their wedding day. My brides are not the mainstream. They have a sense of style and they appreciate quality.

What are the goals for your brand? What’s the future plan? 

The goals of my brand are to cultivate and evolve both in the local and international field, with an evening gown collection along the way.  These days I’m working on developing unique textiles that I might use in my next collection.

Tell us about your beautiful look book—where was it shot and what was the idea behind it?

The photo shoot for my collection took place in a historical residence of old Yafo that created a classic and clean vibe. The production team consisted of some of the top professionals in the fashion industry and a look book was shot along with the editorial.

The idea behind the look book is to provide the client with the ‘real thing’—to be able to see the dress exactly as it is, and give a much more informative and detailed look at it. It includes a full photo gallery of the front, back and close up looks, to better appreciate the fabric, lace and handcraft details. The model was photographed in front of a plain background, bare of any styling, with a natural look and very little make up.

Nitzan Krispil on Facebook | Instagram: @nitzankrispil

Photographer: Rotem Lebel
Model: Meirav Rasumni
Hair: Elran Efargan
Makeup: Irit Sadra

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