Naama Bezalel Makes a Splash

by Roza Sinaysky | 08.08.16

נעמה בצלאל קיץ 2016 צילום תום מרשק (27) (Custom)

The Israeli heat doesn’t leave you much space for playing around with your wardrobe. It’s true, all you really want to do is wear a bikini and chill by the pool. Naama Bezalel’s collection is exactly what you will want to wear this August if you want to stay chic, cool and still look like a lady–even though it’s boiling out there!

Telavivian recently sat down with Naama Bezalel to hear the story behind her vintage-inspired collection!

נעמה בצלאל קיץ 2016 צילום תום מרשק (5) (Custom)

This is such a playful collection and the shoot is so vibrant and fun, will you tell us about the concept behind it?

The photoshoot took place in a swimming pool…so the atmosphere was that of a dreamy vacation. Summer was in the air and it was very joyful and colorful. We went all the way with this theme and we photographed the models wearing towels on their heads, flip flops and even mud masks smeared all over their faces.

With each and every season I do my best to shoot the campaign in a different way–new and surprising so that  it will be interesting and curious. To capture the collection in a way that will cause the viewer to see all of it and continue to linger for a while. Usually I choose models that I feel are interesting and not necessarily defined by a classic definition of beauty.

נעמה בצלאל קיץ 2016 צילום תום מרשק (38) (Custom)

נעמה בצלאל קיץ 2016 צילום תום מרשק (36) (Custom)

These are very “Instagram-able” photos, how do you think your brand is dealing with social media? Are you active, is it helping your business grow?

I am active–mainly Facebook & Instagram. In the modern world, a serious brand cannot afford not being active in these fields. We are making a great effort and put a lot of thought and energy into the new media and we try to post interesting items that will create as many likes and comments as possible.

We give thought to the posts daily and we’re trying to create a buzz. These days, social networking is a highly appreciated marketing method and an efficient way to send out messages, information and content to our customers and clients. I don’t know if I can say that this is what helps my business to grow, because I believe this has to do with a combination of things.

Can you define the Naama Bezalel style?

Naama Nezalel’s style…is very feminine. It is influenced by previous decades and thus has a nostalgic feel to it. The shapes are close to the body, fluttering and comfortable. Items are classic, but they pass the barriers of time, rising above trends and seasons; but at the same time they are relevant and up-to-date.

I  take into consideration the needs of the modern woman who seeks an item that will serve her in a loyal way from morning to evening  in which she’ll feel flattered and stylish. The fabrics are rich with color, prints and textures.

נעמה בצלאל קיץ 2016 צילום תום מרשק (45) (Custom)

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about working in Tel Aviv?

The disadvantage of working in Tel Aviv is that our country is very small, with not so many people, and in a relative way there are lots of shopping centers including mainly big brands that offer cheap and trendy fashion.

The competition is very hard and there are not many opportunities to expand in contrast to cities such as London, Berlin, Paris, and New York and so on–in which the population is bigger by far and in addition there are so many tourists, making the movement of people in and out of stores greater.

The advantage is that everybody knows everybody, it’s easy to get around, the industry is small, so it is easier to be on top of things.

נעמה בצלאל קיץ 2016 צילום תום מרשק (43) (Custom)

This collection has such a resort feeling to it; when was the last time you took a holiday and where did you go?

The last time that I was in a vacation it was Passover. I flew with my family to Prague. It’s a magical city and very pretty, we had a great time. Before that, last summer we were on vacation in Greece.

How do you start building a collection?

I begin the collection by choosing an inspiring theme. After that I  create an inspiration board, color fields and a mix of styles for the collection (how many top and bottom parts and so on) and then I begin picking out the fabrics and drawing the sketches.

נעמה בצלאל קיץ 2016 צילום תום מרשק (23) (Custom)

נעמה בצלאל קיץ 2016 צילום תום מרשק (15) (Custom)

נעמה בצלאל קיץ 2016 צילום תום מרשק (17) (Custom)

I know you are very much into vintage and retro, if you had the chance to go back in time, which era would you go to and why?

I would have returned to the 50’s & 60’s. I really like all things that existed in that era–fashion, industrial design, colors, materials, music and all the aesthetics that were in those days. I would have been glad to go back to the naive and innocent atmosphere of that time. I would really love the option to go back to that time, go on a crazy shopping spree and then return to the present.

נעמה בצלאל קיץ 2016 צילום תום מרשק (14) (Custom)

Favorite vintage stores in Tel Aviv?

In general, I really like the flee market with the combination of interesting stores that are there. Whenever I go there, I feel at home and I enjoy every minute of my time there.

נעמה בצלאל קיץ 2016 צילום תום מרשק (28) (Custom)


נעמה בצלאל קיץ 2016 צילום תום מרשק (34) (Custom)


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