Sister M and Their New Collection

by Roza Sinaysky | 18.07.16

סיסטר אם קולקציית כלות שכמיה 2500 שח צילום דביר כחלון (3)

Meital & Raya Mitrani, the sisters behind Sister M presented a colorful collection full of ethnic motives, mixed with modern techniques. Their new bridal collection will fit anyone who is looking for an easy, comfortable, chic summer dress. Along with their accessories, the look is elevated to  a whole new direction. Telavivian Magazine had the pleasure of chatting with the sisters about their exotic travels, their work and what its like to be a designer in Israel today, here is what they said:

The “Sister M” brand was established in 2008 by sisters Meital & Raya Mitrani–in 2012 they were chosen to the promising young designers of Israel.

Meital graduated from Bezalel Academy for art & design, Raya graduated Shenkar Academy for fashion & design. Both sisters grew up in an art and fashion oriented home; which means they knew their creative path from an early age. Their style is influenced by ethnic fantasies and authentic cultures, nature and art that they combine with fashion, in their own special handwriting. Sister M designs ready-to-wear fashion, accessories and wedding gowns all under one roof. Using handmade combinations of unusual materials, the designs are unique, made with the duo’s own special handwriting.

SISTER M זר כלה תלת מידה 300 שח צילום דביר כחלון (Custom)

Tell Tel Avivians about this new collection–what is the idea behind it?

The Dragonfly, this incredible creature that we admire for so long is the source of our inspiration for the SS 2016 collection. The purple dragonfly is common in Israel and in Africa–we see it as some kind of a strong fairy that has the qualities of a female super hero, and that’s what the collections we created is all about!

What is it like working together as sisters, who does what?

Working together is very natural for us, since we both studied fashion design at Bezalel and Shenkar and grew up in a fashion and craft making environment at home, with our mother who also studied fashion when she was younger. After working a few years together, each one of us knows of what she does best and the tasks are divided between us. The design itself is done in a complete collaboration and we create all of our collections together (fashion, accessories and bridal wear).

It’s visible you are embracing your ethnic roots, how do you translate them into the clothes you make?

We’re drawn to all ethnic cultures that are far from the western world we know. We find that in foreign cultures like African, Southern American, and Asian are not afraid of colors; it’s enriched with details and that creates the depth that inspires us so much.

SISTER M שמלת טבעת 280 שח צילום דביר כחלון (Custom)

What does it mean to you to be an Israeli designer?

For us, it means that we are designers in a place that is very young in it’s history. Israel as a country has it’s first roots in the making and among so many other fields, the design field is also being built and we have the privilege to be in it and build our own language inside all this.

Also, because of that reason nothing is fully established–the realizations of the design in Israel (again among other fields) is still not getting the support it can have.

What were your favorite and most inspiring places to travel?

We are ready to go anywhere that’s new to us, and we always draw inspiration from it. Of course, the locations that are more exotic for us will fill our inspirational stories. We’ve traveled to Brazil, India, Thailand, Mexico …

Is there anyone you would like to see wearing your creations?

Every women who is daring in the way she dresses, who celebrates herself everyday and creating a dialog between her and the outfits she wears.

SISTER M שמלת אורין פסים 689 שח צילום דביר כחלון

What is your ultimate summer look?

Summer in Israel is very intense! Our dresses designed just for that. We know in summer all you want to wear is the minimum, so our dresses are very light, colorful, loose and always contain surprising elements so that the wearer will feel very well dressed–even if she wears just one item on!

Visit the studio shop, At Derech Shlomo St. 79, Tel-Aviv , +972-50-902-8063
Facebook | Instagram: @sistermfashion

סיסטר אם שמלה 1500 שח צילום דביר כחלון

SISTER M שמלת לילה ירוקה 1500 צילום דביר כחלון (Custom)

SISTER M שמלת אמרלד תכלת 789 שח צילום דביר כחלון


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