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by Roza Sinaysky | 26.05.16

Hilla Toledano is known for her high quality, meticulously made leather bags. The name Toledano is now on top of every fashionista’s mind when it comes to hand bags.

Hilla also happens to be one of the coolest girls in town! She just launched her new collection and Telavivian couldn’t think of a better way to share how much we loved the new campaign than a photo shoot she shot with fellow Tel Avivian, Merav Ben Loulou.

Here is a closer look at her new, fresh and so visually satisfying look book along with a conversation about craftsmanship, favorite things to do in Tel Aviv and the ultimate question: who is the Toledano girl? Find out below!


Can you tell us about your latest collection and this campaign?

The concept of the current campaign was conceived while searching for the ultimate “Toledano girl” .

As I started working on it, I delved into in a deep research about who this girl is, and I realized that after almost 8 years of designing women bags, I feel like I’m finally getting to know her, my client, better: what her day looks like, who her friends are, where she hang out etc.

I aimed to create a collection that inspires freedom. It’s summer, she works in the city, she passes her holidays in an exotic resort, she needs a light bag- a fine but also functional piece. A bag that fits different situations, and is relevant to any look she chooses.The collection also includes retro-innovative items, which embody the combination of a fashionable but also casual approach, for example the new belt-bag line.


Your bags became popular among the local fashion crowd, who would you say is the ultimate “Toledano girl”

I can think of several girls that are taking the local industry to the next stage, connecting it to the larger, global fashion community. It’s hard to pick one person, but my immediate candidates would probably be: Meital Weinberg-Hadar, Shiran Mania, and De Rococo girls, to name a few.


Tell us about your creative process as a bag designer, how do you start on a new design? What does the production process looks like in your studio?

My creative process evolves around elements that inspire me in the day-to-day. People I meet, places I go, music I listen to. Inspiration can come in a moment, but it can also be hard to find.

I start conceptualizing complete looks: clothing, hair, jewelry, other accessories, and research which bag design could work best with different outfits. Than comes some freestyling, than planning and executing a prototype. I take it for a “test drive”, make adjustments, examine colors – this is how a new line is born!


Your bags are made of unique and very high quality materials, can you tell us where you source them and about the process of finding them?

Every year I travel to Milan and Paris, searching for the finest leathers and for special, rare vintage accessories. All the materials I use are locally sourced. I usually use these trips to enhance my knowledge in the artisanal, traditional work processes, and also to catch up on the latest fashion trends of leading global fashion brands.


Where would you like to see your bags in the future? Any favorite locations or stores you dream of conquering?

Oh there are many! Colette in Paris for sure. Corso Como 10 in Milan of course. Harrod’s in London and Saks 5th avenue in New York – a must!


What does a typical day in your life looks like?

My days vary so much from one another! I normally start my day in my studio in Nahalat Binyamin, supervising the ongoing production and work on new designs work. I often meet partners and collaborators outside during the day, to discuss marketing, media and distribution.

I do several photo shoots for the brand each year, for which I meet my photographer and travel around town, scouting for interesting spaces and architectonic gems. Tel Aviv has so many of them to offer! I love to go to the beach by sunset – the perfect way to conclude a busy work day.


What are your favorite places in Tel Aviv, and what do you like most about living and creating here?

Tel Aviv has everything a big city has to offer, but it is small enough to make you feel at home. It is a very vibrant place, full of talented, young people and that leads to many opportunities for interesting encounters!

Some of my favorite spots…
Hangouts: Alma beach, Ajami neighbourhood, Neve Tzedek quarter
Shopping: Jaffa flea market
Eat & drinks: Port Said bar, Taizu restaurant, Hotel Montefiore

Assistant Editor: Anna Kachur


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