Rina Zin’s Zen Moment

by Roza Sinaysky | 04.04.16

Rina Zin’s collection caught our attention last season when her campaign starred one of Tel Aviv’s favorite Israeli models, Noam Frost. After turning to her Instagram, the minimalist color pallet and shapes with a twist of Japanese serenity immediately captured our eyes.

Rina Zin’s aesthetic encapsulated us completely. So Telavivian Magazine decided to explore her collection, turning to Rina to answer a few questions. Here is what she had to say:

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Can you tell us a bit about the philosophy of your brand?

For me the word “fashion” represents the speed of passing time, how the present moment becomes a memory. Everyday I try to live in the moment, because that’s when everything happens. So for us in the studio it’s very important to let the way lead us.

The design concept is always a combination of many themes such as art, psychology and communication, but in general I aim to do what I love. The most important trigger for my work is the endless desire to be excited and in love with the next idea. I love to keep in mind the famous phrase by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “best things happen when not expected”.


Your latest campaign is one of my favorites this season. Can you tell us about your casting choices and about the team who made it so beautiful?

Thank you, I appreciate it! Noam Frost is, in my opinion, the leading model in the Israeli industry, and we have been working with her for several seasons now. Kaher is a young up-and-coming male model, and he is trying to find his path, fit into the local fashion industry, and overcome the many difficulties along the way. When I was looking for a male model for this campaign, I looked for someone with the right look for the clothes – someone that will create the right image together with Noam.

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We live in a time when everyone has their questions about identity, about being different, or belonging to a social group or circle. I don’t see these choices as political, I won’t take part in this – I believe that art and aesthetics can create a bridge that is beyond words.


You’ve been in the industry for over 15 years, how do you think it is changing now, and is it for the best?

In recent years, the Israeli fashion market has been saturated with international brands. There are always more local Israeli designers trying to create a local voice, but the Israeli establishment is not giving financial support, and doesn’t encourage local creativity.

So I see many designers moving the production lines to the east, and starting to compromise on materials, shapes and concepts. This situation causes many designers to follow trends and change according to them, instead of concentrating on the individuality of the brand, on a clear and consistent design language.


Tell us about your favorite places in Tel Aviv, maybe some inspirational spots. Where do you go to get ideas for your collections?

Tel Aviv is a very strong inspiration to me in my work, it’s a vibrant city that has everything! A city of desire, with a glorious past and an eclectic look. Old and new, busy and trend. It’s a microcosm of everything life has to offer. I love taking long walks that go through Rothschild Ave Bauhaus buildings, through the old unique neighborhoods with magical alleys in the south. To experience the sea and the markets from uptown down to Jaffa, with intoxicating colors textures and scents.

My newest discovery of the city is the small neighborhood gardens, hidden islands of peace in total contrast to the intensity of the city around them. I found them thanks to my newly born grandchildren. They are spread all over the city, giving us a chance to stop and breath in the middle of it all. These gems can surprise and fill your heart with inspiration!


Who is the ultimate Rina Zin woman?

The Rina Zin woman is a sensitive woman, an emotional woman. She cares about clothes: Where do they come from? How are they made? How does it feels in her hands, on her body? She takes time to think things through. It’s a woman who has great respect for the creation, and she goes for fashion, art, dance, theater, etc. She appreciates things that are thoughtful.

The prototypes for my clients have always been my closest friends – women with a strong personality and impeccable taste. They are the kind of women that keep a dress for 20 years because she just loves it

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What is your take on the impact of social media in fashion today? Has it been helpful for your own business?

It’s a new world to me! I feel like every Facebook Like and Instagram post are a new step, baby steps. The results are encouraging to do more. I feel the strong connection with my clients, I feel like I can share with them my point-of-view on fashion better, and a lot more. So I embrace it, I believe that it helps me to make an ever more clear image of my brand.

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What is an “Israeli” style, when it comes to fashion, how do you define what local style we have here?

Israel was never a fashion capital, but there were always designers creating that unique Israeli voice. Israel is a creative place, there are so many new designers in every field, and so there is a strong local image. But I have to admit that I find it difficult to define.

When I am abroad I always recognize the Israeli look. For better or worse, the Israeli style is very casual, and with the climate is a strong influence of course. It’s dressed down by simple things – flip flops, torn jeans, but the result is a typical mix that only we have. I feel that the Israeli style is still young and not fully defined yet.

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Rina Zin’s new Collection is now available in all store locations.

Assistant Editor: Anna Kachur


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