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by Roza Sinaysky | 25.01.16

It has been 16 years since the first time Yosef Peretz presented his fashion collection at Tel Aviv’s Designer fair and became a star in the local designer scene. After dressing our most known celebrities and socialites for over a decade, he has now decided to take the next step and open an interior design store in the heart of Jaffa. The new collection, with bright and rich prints, will surprise even the artsiest of us. So, let’s see what influenced him to make the switch from fashion to interior design.

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Tell us about the concept of this store, and what made you switch from fashion to interior.

I was working as an interior designer prior to my career in fashion and have continued creating textiles ever since. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to design your own fabrics, and I always wanted to combine both of my passions. Then, at some point I understood that what looks well on clothes can also work on furniture. This is what led me to create my first interior collection and also served as a concept for my store.

Just like in fashion, I always try to focus on variety in my pieces, from sofas and pillows to wallpaper and light fixtures. That obviously comes with use of most original and exclusive fabrics.

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Your prints are so unique and very much associated with you. What is your process of designing your prints?

First of all comes an idea.

For instance, my last piece was inspired by a picture of a camel in Morocco. His fur was shaved into beautiful ethnic patterns. I loved this idea, and then together with my friend Hadas Frienland Hayun we created an original print using illustrations.

This is how it was created.


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Why did you choose to open the store in Jaffa?

It all started when I bought a house in Jaffa and fell in love with the city.

Once I finished renovating my new home, I was walking around Jaffa and suddenly noticed a store. It was 100m width and 6 m height, perfect for my new furniture collection. That’s how after 17 years of my mythological store on Dizengoff I moved to a new concept store in Yehuda Margosa 28 in Jaffa.

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What is some of the feedback you’ve been getting about the new shop?

Most people say they are amazed by the originality of my designs and fabrics. They say that the prints are very harmonious with the fabrics, this gives the warehouse a special feeling. Another thing they are excited about is a chance to choose prints individually for their furniture.



Is it more fun for you to design furniture or fashion?

It’s sort of similar as if to choose between one of your children. All I can say is I love them both and I’m very happy to introduce my newborn baby – furniture.

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Do you like living and working in Jaffa? How is it different from central Tel Aviv?

After living 20 years in central Tel Aviv I can say that it’s very different. Jaffa is a huge place that has a good mix of super cool people. For me today having to go to central TLV is similar to driving to NYC.


Where would you like to see your furniture?

In creative people’s homes, with a personal taste in both interior and fashion. Definitely not in one of those households where with beige and cream dominating colors. The collection will most likely be presented in number of interior stores around the world.

We have already started showcasing it in showrooms around the United States, and are working on a new concept store in LA.

כרית פרינט של בית יוסף ויעקוב 890 שקל צילום עדי גלעד (7)

Tell us about your collaborations with local artists, in particular, the graffiti artist and Ruby.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the store was to create something amazing on the central wall, so straight away I called KLONE. I love his work and what he has created is astonishing. The horse decoration is magnificent.

As for collaboration with Ruby, we have created an entire pillow and light fixture collection from her oil paints. What came out you can see for yourself!




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