Liron Itzhakov: Chic Floral Delight

by Roza Sinaysky | 05.01.16

Liron Itzhakov has been on my fashion radar ever since ore graduated, her ability to work with prints and colors is outstanding. After spending some time in London mastering the trade by studying at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni and working for Peter Pilotto, Liron is back in Tel Aviv with her first collection. It’s vibrant, super feminine, sweet and fun – see for yourselves!


Tell us a bit about your background in the fashion industry? How did you start? Where did your passion for designing come from?

Since I was a young girl I loved fashion, it is actually very funny, because I found out that in my “shorashim book”(the family roots book) I had to write down my dreams for my career, and I wrote that I want to be a successful fashion designer – which is nice because I was only 11 years old.

I started university in MARANGONI London and graduated with honors in 2012. During my University years, I did few internships with Peter Pilotto, Ralph Lauren, Tata-Naka, which were all amazing experiences. Each work experience was a great opportunity to learn how to be creative and fulfill the company dreams, together with making the business commercial and profitable.

I moved back to Israel in 2013 and started to work as a designer for “Twenty four seven,” one of the biggest brands in Israel. In the meantime I was creating a runway show in Tel-Aviv’s fashion week- for upcoming designers and showcased my graduate collection for the first time in Israel (after a runway show in London and Paris).


What do you remember most from working in London?

Working in London, a capital of fashion in the world, is definitely a thing to remember. My experience was super amazing, mostly because I could learn so much from big successful designers, see how they make ideas into clothing, and how London fashion has no limits in terms of design quality or style. The working environment is totally different from Tel-Aviv, starting from the weather, the people you see in the street, the culture, the politics and even the security situation, are all influencing the way you work and design.



Tell us about your latest collection? What is it all about?

My LIRON ITZHAKOV spring summer 2016 collection is a ready to wear collection, signified mostly for its humor, it’s color, its play. I wanted first to understand who is my client, what this client wears and where she travels, what she loves to eat, how she lives life. The collection is telling a story about a fashionable woman living luxury life in the 70’s. She is not a typical wealthy girl, she is very “down to earth” but knows how to enjoy the pleasures of life. She travels a lot in the world. She loves architecture, nature, food, cultures. She loves exploring, and she loves wearing beautiful clothes.

I used plastic elements of flowers and diamonds that I made in a laser cutting process, and combined them together with beautiful Swarovski elements which I received from Swarovski after they offered me a collaboration. The most iconic thing is the unique patchwork I made with the tweed fabrics that have been made especially for the collection.


Your sense of aesthetic is so strong, what are your main influences?

My main influences are usually art, such as paintings, sculpture and photography. I am mostly inspired by nature, interior design. I truly love and am inspired by modern art. I think that naive art is the best example for that – the capture of daily life, and colors. Therefore, I love everything that comes with color, and colors and prints are the main focus in my collections. One amazing artist that is a constant inspiration for me is the German painter Olaf Hajak.


What is your creative process when designing a collection?

My collections always start from an inspiration. Once the inspiration is becomes clear, I start searching for images online. I dig into the subject as deeply as possible, and from that point my initial inspiration splits to few different ideas that I combine again to create one main subject. Then I source for the colors, the fabrics, the motives. I try to answer: Who is my muse, where does she live, what is her story. My subject is always revealed through my digital prints or fabrics manipulations, which I make with a lot of hard work.


Where would you like to see your brand? What are your goals?

I’d like to see my brand in a few years in boutique and department stores worldwide, and on top online boutiques. I truly believe that the main goal of the brand is to enter the European market and the Asian market – together with Moscow and NY. I would love to have a successful website with an online shop and to be able to reach girls around the world. One of the most important elements for my brand is to be known in Israel, to have a big clientele, a nice studio-showroom and a good and kind team working together with me.



Do you think Tel Aviv is a fashion forward city?

Yes I do, I truly believe that Tel-Aviv is getting bigger and better in terms of fashion. It’s a young city in a very young country, and there is of course a way for Tel Aviv to be as one of the great fashion capitals.


What do you like about working, creating and living here?

I like working here because this is first of all my home, and where I came from. I love Tel-Aviv’s weather and people. It makes the working environment here more fun, easygoing, chill, and vibrant.



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