The Nine Rooms Mystery

by Roza Sinaysky | 18.12.15

The Nine Rooms club is a secret hideaway for Israel’s most fabulous women, be they artists, entrepreneurs, architects or stylish and savvy ladies who lunch. The private member club, located in old Jaffa, has many people wondering about the activities of such an incomprehensible institution. As a proud member of this unique and one-of-a-kind place, I caught up with the über stylish Iris Zohar, the founder and force behind Nine Rooms, to shed some light on one of the world’s most fabulous women’s clubs.




Tell us about Nine Rooms, what is it all about?

The whole idea behind Nine Rooms is to give the leading ladies of this country, a place to gather, contact and know each other. It is actually their own private space, where they can really rest and enjoy during their demanding daily routine, anytime they just want and need too. Actually, we love to think about Nine Rooms as a personal soul charging station in the middle of life’s hasty highway.

The Club is open during weekdays and contains anything a lady might want… An inspiring space to work from, personal assistant’s by requirement, luxurious spa treatments, enriching lectures saloons, and never-ending opportunities for networking and making new friends. In addition, a unique goodies gift boutique and bar can be found at the club, with personal service and delicious treats.


How did you come up with this concept? Tell us about your background.

I have been active in the marketing field for 21 years, working my way straight from the bottom up, until founding my own firm. The Nine Rooms concept came to me as a result of my own personal needs of requiring a special space where I can rest, have fun, and socialize – with other creative and inspiring leading women.


As a proud member of Nine Rooms I can honestly say this place is one of a kind, can explain why you think that is?

First and foremost, I believe it is the energy and harmony that sums up out of all that can be found under the club’s roof, starting at the scents, sounds, tastes and of course the human resources: the quality of the female members, and our specially chosen staff.



Nine rooms has so many design details, tell us about the design of Nine Rooms, who is responsible for that? Where are you finding all the wonderful eclectic pieces for the club?

The club was designed by myself, and I can truly say that it represents my personal inner soul: rich, colorful, warm and unexpected. Some details are from my very own personal collection that I have curated throughout many years. Others were bought, built or found especially for the club.


What can a woman expect when she becomes a member of Nine Rooms?

New routine, new opportunities and most of all –  a much happier life


What is next for this fine ladies club? Perhaps you would like to open more brunches, maybe in Paris? How about Moscow?

We are still working constantly, every day, on developing and improving our Tel Aviv club, aiming to create for our Members the best experience ever, but of course, our future plans are to offer the Nine Rooms experience to more and more ladies around the globe, and surely you can expect to see more Nine Rooms clubs opening up soon.


Who would be your ultimate Nine Rooms club members?

We like to think that all our ladies are Iconic, each one in her own unique way 😉

Tell us about your other favorite places in Tel Aviv when you have time to be outside the club.

At home or in a plane seat – both work wonders for my skin!




For more information about the club dial: 036121999

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