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by Roza Sinaysky | 09.11.15

This article is all about BLTRX, and the brand’s founder Tamar Friedman – whose bags I have seen everywhere this year: in every cool store in town, worn by every fashion savvy girl around here, all over  magazines and in blogs. The fashion investigator in me had to find out who is behind these fringed bucket bags.


Tell us about the philosophy of your brand.

The style of BLTRX is eclectic, colourful and urban. The cut of the bag is based on a graphic triangle shape, combining textiles, fine leathers and different textures. When asking myself how to stay innovative with today commercial constraints and hectic pace of the fashion industry I made a decision to focus on designing three models per season with large variety of colours, textures and material combinations. I majored in textile design and love mixing colours and textures, this is where I find my joy of creation, exploring the endless possibilities of only one design and how its ‘character’ changes completely when using different materials and plays with its colours.


How did you start making bags?

I started designing bags in my last year of textile & fashion studies at the Superior Institute of Applied Arts (LISAA) in Paris. During the work on my final project at school I made silkscreen prints of a wooden texture which I engraved on a Linoleum base, then made a print on leather which became my first series of clutches.



What does BLTRX stands for?

BLTRX stands for Bellatrix which is the third brightest star in the constellation Orion, the 27th brightest star in the night’s sky. It is also referred to as the “Amazon Star”.


How was it to shoot your campaign in Paris?

I’m very proud of last BLTRX campaign in Paris. We have decided to shoot at the new cultural institution recently opened at La Villette – The Philharmonie de Paris, designed by Jean Nouvel. It was BLTRX first production outside of Israel and it was only logical to make this Paris, which was my home for six years. I had my concerns but photographer Rotem Rachel Chen encouraged me to go for it, My good friend and stylist Pauline Collet did the styling for the catalog.

The Philharmonie is made of innovative forms and aluminium swirls, very graphic environment which completes, I believe,the urban & contemporary image of BLTRX.


Tell us about your creative process? How do you choose the materials for your bags and to naming them.

I start by making a seasonal inspiration board and colour palette, then I sketch my ideas until I draw something I like. At the same time I collect materials, which correspond with my inspiration and start working on the sample design. Most of the times after I have the sample design I make modifications and changes, I let myself “sleep on it” and ask my close friends and colleagues for their opinion. I use fine leathers and embroidered handmade fabrics imported from India, Italy and Myanmar.


The bucket bag is now your signature piece, are you going to stick to it?

The bucket bag was the first bag and the one that led me to the idea of varying one design into mini-collections. I then started playing with other parameters such as size, colour, patterns and textures. I believe in taking the time in order to create and come with fresh innovative ideas, this is the reason that my working structure consists of two or three designs per season, which varieties in colour combination and patterns.


Who are your most loyal costumers?

BLTRX’s most loyal costumers are currently based in France. The mini bucket design and playful colours fits well the Parisian coquettish attitude and lifestyle. As the bucket bag became very trendy recently I see more and more local Israeli costumers as well.



Where would you like to see BLTRX in the near future? And maybe also on who?

I hope to do Premiere Classe accessories fair this season in Paris and soon you will discover BLTRX New collections … so stay tuned! I would love to see French –Egyptian (and Italian as well) actress Elisa Sendaoui with a BLTRX bag. Her mixed origins and nonchalant urban style makes her so damn sexy.

Photography – Rotem Rachel Chen
Stylist – Pauline Collet
Hair&Makeup – David Lendhardt
Model – Beth Edwards



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