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by Roza Sinaysky | 27.10.15

Noy Goz has been on my radar for a while now. The fellow petite Tel Avivian captured my attention ever since she was a young fashion design student, and something about her style and pleasant vibe made me think she is going to do great things. I was right.
Fast forward 10 years and here she is, designing for her own brand TRES along with fellow Shenkar graduates Noa Gur and Dafna Philossof. I met with the designers for the release of the fourth collection of the brand that Tel Avivian girls can’t get enough of it.


Tell us about how ‘Tres’ started.
The three of us met and became friends during our studies at the Shenkar School of Fashion design. We graduated on the same year and we all got jobs in the local fashion industry. After a year we felt ready to do something on our own and because we share the same aesthetics and get along so well, it felt right to start a brand together. We called it TRES (“Three” in Spanish) and after almost two years of working together we are still best friends. We know each other so well that we can communicate almost without words.


What is the TRES esthetic?
Clean-cut, feminine, flattering, nonchalant, day-to-evening, fashion forward without being a fashion victim.


What is your favorite piece from the new collection and why?
Probably the wrap top. On the one hand it is very basic, almost traditional and very easy to wear, and on the other, since it is made of white silk, it feels really luxurious and timeless.


Does living in Tel Aviv effects (inspire) your designs?
For sure. Most of our items are day-to-evening and this is something that works really well for young Tel Avivians. They work long hours, go out almost every night and usually don’t have time to go home and change. Then there is the matter of climate. We don’t really have A winter to speak of. So in summer (which is most of the year) we work with viscose, cotton, linen and silk. For the colder season we add some light wool and soft knits but most of the items are still lightweight and perfect for the mild Tel Avivian winter. Finally – we believe the Tel Avivians attitude to fashion is casual and effortlessly stylish, which is exactly what our designs try to achieve.


As a designer, How do you see the Israeli market, how is it different (if at all) from the international fashion world?
Every market is challenging for a young designer these days. The Israeli market is very small, which is a problem, but still there is much more fashion awareness today than it used to be. We are constantly amazed at the beautiful and fashionable customers we have here.

There are three of you in the brand. Tell us how you divide the work.
Each one of us is responsible for certain aspects of running the business. The actual design process is something we do together, and we believe this is one of our strengths. We try all our designs on ourselves, and because we have different body types, we can figure out how it works on different women.


Where do you like to see your brand in a few years? What is the brand’s’ goal?
The fantasy is to reach as many women as possible around the world. This season we are going to launch our first e-shop which, hopefully, will enable us to reach clients in Europe and the US. We just moved to our new studio near Nachalat Binyamin, and in a couple of years we see ourselves opening a proper boutique in Tel Aviv and then some boutiques abroad.


Photography: Alina Asmus
Hair & Make up: Yifat Ohayon
Model: Ola Zieminska
Visit TRES in their showroom/store on 17 shefer St., or dial 073.7437.277 for more information.


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