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by Roza Sinaysky | 11.04.15

It’s not going to be the first time I share my favorite editorials with you, and from now on this is going to be happening more often as lately I have been more and more impressed by editorials produced by local photographers and stylists. I’ll start with this one here published at “Nashim” magazine shoot by photographer Amir Tsuk who’s work I’ve been admiring for quite some time now. This tropical themed photo shoot caught my eye for many reasons, the layered yet summery styling, the insanely cool location and the great team who was behind it, if you like it half as much as I do then I promise to keep more work from local creatives coming your way!

Amir Tsuk

That time of the year when you feel like wearing your jacket for just a little longer but you can’t.

Amir Tsuk 3

No sandals for you young lady!

Amir Tsuk

Kaktus paradise.

Mexico vibes just outside Tel Aviv.

amir tsuk

Layers in the desert an unexpected that works.

Amir Tsuk

Nashim March 2015 Issue Editorial:
Photography: Amir Tsuk
Style: Diana Matzik
Hair & Makeup: Patrick Oved “Solo”
Model: Aneta “MC2”
Production: Yasmin Hasidim
Thanks to “Cactus Farm”


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