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by Roza Sinaysky | 16.01.15

IGLY & NITI is an international sales platform, based in Tel Aviv, for talented fashion designers from Russia and Ukraine. It represents and retails the collections of twelve young and promising fashion labels, showcasing the fascinating fashion world of the Black Sea countries. As a Russian (or Ukrainian if you may) this new site got me very excited. I chatted to the founder, Stav Vaingold.

Igly and niti

The West has always shown great interest in and fascination with Russian culture. In Russian history, revolutions in fashion always coincided with the greatest political changes: from Peter the Great to the Revolution of 1917 to Gorbachev’s Perestroika. Made popular around the world by Yves Saint Laurent’s “à la Russe” collections and Russian ballet, the main elements of contemporary Russian style were born as a result of dramatic reforms. The past years have seen a surge of immensely talented designers in the Black Sea region. Their collections quickly found international acclaim, but were hard to come by. IGLY & NITY provides access to the fashion of some of the most exciting designers working in Russia and Ukraine today, hoping to assist in establishing Russian fashion all over the world.

igly and nity

RS: What makes Black Sea fashion so special?
I&N: I appreciate individuality in fashion. I’m not into trends. I actually hate them, because no one should follow trends in order to be stylish – which people normally do in our society. This is way I chose to go for the Russian and Ukrainian designers. I strongly believe that they are important in the new era of fashion, where there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style. There are eyes on Russian/Ukrainian fashion right now. Everyone can associate fashion with the established fashion capitals such as New York, Milan and Paris. However, in my opinion Russia and Ukraine are the next generation of talented fashion designers.

igly & nity

RS: What do you look for when searching for a new designer/ collection?
I&N: I have a few rules first rule is that I have to fall in love with a collection. It has to be love at first sight. Rule two is remembering that love isn’t enough, after all I have to sell the collections, so getting the prices right are a crucial point when I am buying.

Igly & Nity

RS: How is Russian and Ukrainian fashion different from Israeli fashion?
I&N: First of all the weather plays a big part in this difference. Israeli women like to dress comfortably and lightly according to our warm climate. Russian girls love to layer their style is more elegant and classic, comfort is not the name of the game over there. I have to choose very carefully what can work for the Israeli woman from such Russian oriented collections – it’s a great challenge!

Igly & Nity

RS: Tell us about Moscow and it’s fashion scene.
I&N: The fashion scene in Moscow is amazing! I would say it’s divided to two categories, one is more traditional and aiming to more established crowd, and the other is the “New Moscow”, which include some young designers and labels who less expensive and more cutting edge designs. Moscow’s fashion and night life scenes are very vibrant, there’s is definitely a new wave of young talented people who are inspired by their background but aim to go global. I am sure they will succeed!

Igly & Nity

RS: Are Israeli girls excited about Russian Fashion? How do they wear it?
I&N: They sure are. I think it was surprising for local girls that Russian fashion is so progressive. It’s a very well known fact even around here that Russian girls love fashion and they are always so stylish so this was one more proof of that fact. We buy very little from each collection and Israeli girls love the exclusivity of wearing such pieces.

Igly & Nity

For more info visit click here, or if you are in the hood visit Vaingold showroom where you can find and purchase all the designs.


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