Palms on Rodeo

by Roza Sinaysky | 04.01.15

By the manicured palm trees and the clear blue skies you can probably tell that I am in LA. A work trip came up and I just couldn’t refuse the temptation. So here I am in the city of Angels indulging on my favorite trees in the very instagramable shopping district of Rodeo Drive, just had to share.

hermes los angels

In perfect harmony, Hermes.

chanel los angels

Can’t do without this one.

Miu Miu Los Angels

My beloved… Miu Miu

gucci los angels

Reflections at Dior.

gucci los angels

The ultimate bling, Gucci on Rodeo.

louis vuitton los angels

Almost like in Tel Aviv. Louis Vuitton. Be back soon!


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