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by Roza Sinaysky | 14.12.14

If you met Lara Rosnovsky in person you would have no doubt that these clothes are her creations, she is defiantly a “practice what I preach” kinda designer. Lara’s eclectic mix of fabrics and styles is what makes her collections so unique. The merge of her vast knowledge in embroidery with her incredible sense of adventure results in perfect cross roads between the traditional and the fun.


Winter 2015 Collection is all about colliding worlds.I use rare embroideries, but take them out of their comfort zone and from their ethnic feel. I give them a modern edge, by applying them on contemporary cuts. This winter I would love to see adventurous, mysterious and arty women,emphasizing their femininity but still keeping a rough edge to it, creating an unforgettable boho chic look to be worn from morning till night and by women of all ages.

Shooting the catalogue:

Synchronicity, is the key word of this special day. The weather was perfect and Ron Kedmi is such great artist that he managed to take us all into a real magical world. It was shot at his boho chic house in Ein Hod and we all felt blessed to be doing what we love most. We were all creating from a very real source. The model Litai Marcus was the perfect muse. She is a brilliant sportswoman and an athletic champion. She is like a beautiful alien that has come from an outer space into a world designed especially for her. Elad Baron was a real inspiring art director, conducting us in his inimical talented way. It was like a well timed orchestra, everyone was playing their part in perfect harmony.


RS: You have a very “mediterranean” influence in all of your designs, tell us about your inspirations.
LR: My inspiration spreads over many worlds. Starting in my early childhood in Moscow, where I was born through British grunge and punk in London where I studied and lived for 14 years, to traditional needle works and markets in India where I lived and travelled extensively. All this cultural mix led me to want to keep all those flavors I love, and to apply them in a modern way to my designs.

lara rosnovsky

RS: What does it mean to you to be an Israeli designer?
LR: To keep a fine balance between the needs of local weather and local culture and at the same time being connected to the global trends and innovation in fashion.

Rosnovsky Lara

RS: You travel so much tell us how your many exotic travels leading to a collection?
LR: I love traveling to remote villages, connecting to the local people and getting a closer look at local culture. Learning about their handcraft and common techniques. I collect fabrics, beads and materials and bring them home with me.

lara rosnovsky

RS: Your clothes are so fun and easy to wear mostly in the summer time, how would you recommend to wear them in the winter? 
LR:This winter I love the new galabia to be worn on top of high-tech sheer black nylon pants. This slightly layered look gives a totally different rocker/ cowboy edge to the summer galabia. The 7/8 bohemian dresses look cool with ankle boots and long oversize  cardigans or a fitted small leather jacket. The oversized sweatshirts worn over feminine woolen slightly flared mini-skirts. I also do winter jump suits.

Lara Rosnovsky

Lara Rosnovsky’s studio and shop is worth a visit here is the address: Ami’ad Street 14, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Photographer: Ron Kedmi
Stylist: Elad Baron
Model: Litai Marcus
Make up and hair: Merav Kaufman



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