Winter Duckling

by Roza Sinaysky | 29.11.14

I must admit, I am not a huge fan of winter and during the cold months I’m becoming extremely snug and my daily rituals include drinking gallons of tea, wearing cashmere sweaters inside the house and sitting in front of a heater waiting for warmer days. The only positive thing winter brings to my life is all the cosy stuff I get to wear around the house, like these comfy creations by Ugly Duckling. Instead of going to hibernation the Israeli swimwear brand owned by Gal Angel designed a winter collection that can adored by winter bunnies like myself.

ugly duckling

RS: Tell me about this collection, is it your first lingerie line after doing swimwear for a while?
UD: This lingerie collection is a Direct continuation to past collections i did, the first lingerie/lounge waer collection came out in the year 2010. The concept is very feminine, slightly nostalgic with a vintage feel to it, all my designs are all ultra comfortable it is the first thing I think of when I design.

ugly duckling

RS: There is a very heated debate and conversations about women’s body’s and shapes used in adverts, what is Ugly Duckling’s take/philosophy on the subject?
UD: My brand’s philosophy is about not taking a part in this burning dialog and focus on what we do best, developing dressmaking patterns that flatter the women’s body, reveal whats right and cover whats not, I stay loyal to this concept and believe that women, regardless of her size should feel special, beautiful and confident about what she decided to wear that day.

ugly duckling

RS: Tell me about this shoot, the concept and where was it shoot and who is the girl in your campaign.
UD: The girl in my campaign is NOA FRIDMAN, she is the Ugly Duckling beloved presentor and muse since day 1 (2008 that is). The current catalog is about a warm winterish feeling and a cosy, nonchalant and effortless vibe of being lazy at home, wearing our loungewear and lingerie and look stylish even indoors. The shooting took place in a small wooded cabin close to Ceasaria , by the sea, a very special place that matched our idea perfectly.

ugly duckling

RS: Tell me about your work process, how do your creations come to life?
UD: I have no structured creative proscess, basically it’s an idea that comes from inspiration or an image I have seen, music I have heared and then it evolves to the bigger picture which is the collection.


RS: Do you have any tips how to fight the winter blues? You know, that time we can’t wear a bikini.
UG: No winter blues round here, every season has its benefits, i guess putting the bikini to rest for a while is goos as well and enjoy the freshness of winter and some hot chocolate.

ugly duckling

Photo credit: Michael Topyol.


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