Comme il Fall

by Roza Sinaysky | 25.10.14

As winter (or fall to be precise) is slowly approaching our little town I thought this will be the perfect timing to publish this interview with Sharon Dauba and Karin Leibovich who’s new collection for Comme il Faut  just screams luxe autumn 2014.


RS: As we know winter is not really such a strong season around here, so what was behind this very wintery new collection?
CIF: We love the winter collection because it lets us work with high quality fabrics as well as rich textures that are found in wools, quilts and Jacquards to create items that are easy to wear and timeless. From the classic three piece suit to a cozy sweater top, from the high collar dress to the crisp white buttoned shirt, the collection has a wide range of clothes that can be easily worn and at any time.


RS: Do you think fashion is getting a little less serious and more fun? Even for the more “mature” crowd”
CIF: We definitely think that fashion is getting less serious and a lot more fun for everybody. Fashion is a form of expression and a great way to get a message across. For us, it is another way to to connect to our customers and to make them smile.


RS: Tell me about the design process in your studio? How many of you designing? and what each of you brings to the process.
CIF: The design process is is an inspiring process, we are two designers, Sharon Daube and Karin Leikovich that work together on every aspect of the design. According to the concept that is selected each year, we decide on the silhouette for the season, the color scheme, and fabrics. We sketch looks and decide on a direction of design. We work with our excellent pattern maker and our talented seamstresses, to create pieces with attention to every part and detail.


RS: Is having a cheaper line effects the more “expensive” line?
CIF: The “G Collection” which is our more accessible linen which we create clothes that are for every day wear, casual, and effortless. In that respect, our Comme-il-Faut collection is really uninhibited and has a wider range of items from all sorts of fabrics, some classic and some that are more extreme.


RS: Explain the Rich bitch sweater! (I love it) !!
CIF: The “Rich Bitch” is our way to look and examine the way women with power and money are seen and referred to. In our search of how men of power are looked at as opposed to women who embody those masculine qualities we found a clear difference in that specific phrase of the “rich bitch”, and we love to laugh at ourselves and the way the label is portrayed with our prices and high quality clothes.


RS:  What would you like to see Tel Avivian girl wearing this winter?
CIF: This winter, we would love to see our women wearing the classic crisp white shirt with a thick wool sweatshirt like top, the shirt showing underneath and loose tailored pants that are fluid and long. To complete the look, we would love to see our quilted coat on those rainy Tel-Avivian winter days.



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