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by Roza Sinaysky | 22.09.14

Rotem Gur’s line of shoes, Vasncrafts, are becoming the new objects of desire by local fashion people and those who appreciate style. When I saw these sharp and crisp photos of her new collection I just had to find out more about her and these flawless creations.

Vas - Rotem Gur

RS: When did you discover that you want to design shoes?
RG: During my third year in Bazalel Academy I was sent to study in Paris, during this time I discovered my passion for creating with leather and I loved the craftsmanship of shoe making, when I finished my studies I wasn’t sure what I am going to do next but I knew I wanted to make shoes. It was in my second year of studies I have met my mentor Obanas Mordian, I spent hours in his studio trying to learn all the secrets from him, after many attempts that went to the bin and bleeding fingers I managed to learn a lot.


RS: Tell me about the process of designing a shoe? (from the start to when they are ready)
RG: It’s starts with a passion for a certain shape and transferred to a sketch, there are not short cuts when it comes to making shoes, from the initial idea to the finished product. I start with a sketch and no matter how crazy it may look I make a sample! I sketch on leather and create a shape, I cut it, glue it and measure it  it can take several time until I get it right, once the shape is perfect I can create a sample. There are five people involved in a process of creating one shoe, and they are all hand making the final product, it’s a team effort.


RS: What is a perfect shoe for you?
RG: A shoe that is hand made, made with the finest materials and has a relevant and modern design while having an interesting twist.


RS: There aren’t many Israeli shoe designers, why do you think that is?
RG: Yes, that’s right but we are a very small country so it’s all relative, in order to create a great pair of shoes you need a lot of patinas, and a lot of focus, there aren’t many quality materials here and a designer must travel a lot what can be costly, that is why this process is a bit more difficult here.

Vas - Rotem Gur

RS: If you could design a shoe for a movie star or a fashion legend who would it be and what shoe would you make?
RG: If only I had this chance I would defiantly put my shoes on Tilda Swinton, she has an amazing style and she keeps surprising me with her outfits, she is just amazing.

RS: What are your future plans for you and your shoes?
RG: I would like my brand to grow locally and I am already in touch with some stockists in Europe and New York for collaborations so hopefully that will work out soon.


RS: Some of your shoes are quite “out there” who are the ultimate girl who’s wearing your creations?
RG: Being in touch with my customers taught me that there is no such thing as an “ultimate customer” it is too restricting, my shoes are made with the best quality materials in the most delicate way, my customers are the ones who know that and appreciate my product.

Photos by Merav Ben Loulou


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