when the going gets tough Roza had enough

by Roza Sinaysky | 09.08.14

These last few weeks haven’t been easy (to say the least) for us Tel Avivians, as young creative peaceful folks who’s life is suddenly under threat we had to adapt to the new reality. It’s been difficult to get on with our daily routines and trying to adopt a “business as usual” approach is one hell of challenge. After running for safety to a bomb shelter a few times a day for several weeks I decided for my own sanity that it’s time to pack that suitcase again and take off, this time to Berlin, where I received a very warm welcome and a fashionable shock treatment by the lovely team at Dorothee Schumacher.  Off course as part of this retail therapy tour I couldn’t resist trying on a few looks from the new collection. Huge thanks to Liron Perez for the snaps.


The winter collection in the Berlin Quartier 206 store, where I had the pleasure to hide from the rockets and play dress up.


Some sparkling accessories and one fuzzy sweater have the ability to cheer every girl up.


Is it ceasefire fire yet?


Stay calm and sip on your soda.


Run for shelter in style, adding some bling to my outfit with these embellished platforms.


Reflecting on things surrounded by amazing fashion, very optimistic at this point.

Dorothee Schumacher

Winter is a long way around but there’s no harm in getting some looks ready.

Dorothee Shumacher

Huge thanks to the team at Dorothee Schumacher and to the wonderful Kady  Taylor, the collection is also available at Helga Design in Tel Aviv.


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