A graduation to remember

by Roza Sinaysky | 13.07.14

Last Tuesday four years of fashion design studies came to an end for the Shenkar students, a big event in every graduate’s professional time line, this could have been a less stressful and a much joyful moment for these young designers if it wasn’t for the rockets that flew over their heads that same day. I have to admit I was thrilled about this show and was very much looking forward seeing what the new generation of Israeli fashion has to offer but my post traumatic stress disorder left me at home hiding under the bed instead. Luckily I have received the images the next day along with some insider information that helped me write this post and pass on the information in the most relevant way, so here goes, here are the collections that caught my fashionable attention.

Golan Taub

Golan Taub’s collection was colourful and unexpected, it is mostly made of vinyl and it made me really excited about this year’s creative progress.

Noa Raviv

You already know that I am a sucker for black and white there for I couldn’t stay apathetic to this collection by Noa Raviv, who also by the way captured the hearts of the international judges and won the title “best collection”.

Noa Raviv

A wider look at the pleats and graphic elements of Noa’s collection.

Maya Azan

Maya happens to be Alber Elbaz’s niece (who has also by the way graduated from Shenkar) but also happens to be very talented, her mix of sporty and evening wear elements were a great hit and reminded a bit of Simone Rocha a British designer I admire .

Lina Abas

White is very powerful colour when you just let it be, this collection by Lina Abas is a nice take on a mediterranean holiday wardrobe.

Gil Maayan

This fun girly collection was a real treat, a candy like elements put a smile on my face, a job well done by Gil Maayan.

Danielle Sassi

Urban warriors by Danielle Sassi, in fringed  ages, enlarged tiger prints and white denim they are ready for action!

Mor Lumbroso

This airy collection by Mor Lumbroso reminded me that pleats and washed silk are always a good mix.

Talli Livne

A fun mix of knitwear, street style and pastels by Talli Livne defiantly charmed me.

Invitation shenkar

This show proved that fashion is great way to escape, you can’t stop creativity or deny the passion for loving what you do, I am excited to see how the graduates will translate their talent out there in the real fashion industry, but in the mean time I wish them all the luck in the world!


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