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by Roza Sinaysky | 08.06.14

Iv’e been enthusiastically following SAMPLE ever since they launched couple of years ago and it seems like this brand is getting more serious about it’s identity and definitely stands out from other designers in our local fashion pond. This season Einav Zini and Nophar Machluf the sister who stand behind the brand took their inspiration from the world of aviation and translated  it to a slick and wearable collection. I decided to buckle up and take a ride with Sample to find out more about this wonderful collection.

Sample 2

RS:  I love this collection, it is so modern and very versatile, tell me about what was on your minds in mind when you designed it.
SAMPLE: This S/S 2014 collection was inspired by Amelia Earhart who was the first women to cross the atlantic by aeroplane. In such a men dominated environment she stood out and crossed the borders (literally) of what was forbidden for women back then, we wanted to mix her femininity and fearless attitude along with masculine shapes like striped shirts and work overalls and create a mix between serenity and power.

Sample 3

RS: Tell me about this incredible location and about the concept of your look book?
SAMPLE: We actually googled all possibilities, we were trying to find inspiration we never imagined we would find such a place, then we stumbled across this place which is an old  paratrooper hanger where all old plane are kept, when we got there we were amazing how it matched our collection, we couldn’t think of a better place for this shoot.

sample 4

RS:  How do you divide the work between both of you?
SAMPLE: When we first started the brand the devision of our roles was very clear, Einav was responsible for the marketing and the business side of things and Nophar was responsible for the designs and the technicalities, with the years we both got to experience both sides and now there are no boundaries it’s a common effort and we both take all the decisions together.

Sample 6

RS: Who is the “SAMPLE” girl?
SAMPLE: We are always surprised about who our customers are, they can be women of all ages shapes and styles, a young girl a mother or even a 70 year old lady, the button line is that they all want to wear clothes that fit them and flattering their body so I guess it would be someone who cares about looking good in casual high quality clothes.

Sample 6

RS: It’s so refreshing to see such a modern and cool collection from local designers, how do you explain the vision of your brand and how is it different to other local designers?
SAMPLE: We think it’s all down to our awareness of global fashion and trends, we don’t like to stay behind and we want to give our customers the option of being on trend but still buy local. We never designed anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves.

Sample 7

RS: Do you think the Israeli fashion industry changed lately, if so then in what way?
SAMPLE: Yes, off course! The Israeli fashion market took a huge leap in the last few years and it’s all due to our local fashion week, it made designers work harder to prove that we can be on an international lever when it comes to fashion.

sample 8

RS: Would you like to expand outside of Israel, where would be the ideal place for you?
SAMPLE: In the last two years we had a lot of offers to be represented abroad but we didn’t take that step yet, we want to be well established locally before heading abroad, we want to become even more professional before we make that move but we are definitely thinking about heading that way.

Sample 9

RS: I’d love to know who your favourite designers are and why.
SAMPLE: Our favourite designers are the ones who design very clean lines and the peace in quite in their simple yet sophisticated designs, it would have to be Stella Mccartney, Celine and Chloe .

Sample 9

Photo by Merav Ben Loulou
Hair & makeup by Nirit Hirschmann
Models: Poli korol for mc2 & Claudina.


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