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by Roza Sinaysky | 30.05.14

Comme il faut  is one of the most well respected establishments of the Israeli fashion industry , the brand’s strong and sophisticated philosophy has always been about female empowerment, tailored yet comfortable style and the uncompromised  attitude when it comes to quality. This ethical fashion house decided to add a younger line to their exciting collection and luckily for me Sharon Daube and Karin Leikovich, Comme il faut’s designers took a break from their scissors, patterns and sewing machines to tell me all about g! their new and young collection.

comme il faut 2

RS: Tell me about this collection and how is it different from the main line?
CIF: g! was born to answer the need for quality and sophisticated fashion for the younger fashionistas  at affordable price, the collection is fun, easy and offered alongside comme il faut’s more tailored line. The collection is light and colourful and offers more casual cuts then our main line.

Comme il faut 3

RS: What kind of clothes can we find in this collection?
Wide patterns and loose fitting cuts that suit the heat of the Israeli summer. Dresses, pants and shirts in a thin printed silk create a pedantic look with minimal effort. Light cotton jackets, pants, shirts and dresses create a casual colourful look. Linen dresses, jackets, pants and shirts to give the wearer a soft natural look. Summery colours with light fabrics and cutting edge styles, while maintaining the high standard design that  Comme il faut is known for, this collection can be put together easily and effortlessly, in a playful and versatile fashion.

Comme il faut 4

Who is the comme il faut woman?
CIF: I would say a strong woman with independent style and thought.

Comme il faut 5

RS: What is the philosophy behind this brand and why so many women are such huge fans?
CIF: The answer is simple: we care about women, we think about women and most of us are women so we know best!

Comme il faut 6

RS: Tell me about the spirit of this look book
CIF: “Easy to wear” was the main idea that lead us through this whole process: from the design till the shooting. We had 3 things in mind: summer- Fresh and Colours. I think when there’s a good spirit on the set you can see in the photos at the end- and we were lucky that it happened so in our case.

Comme il faut 7

RS: What are Comme il faut’s recommendations for summer in TLV?
CIF: I can only speak for myself so I will recommend “Zakaim” the amazing vegan restaurant. Take a table outdoor and put on you white linen jacket! And also Anita the ice-cream place in neve tzedek. (Omg I just realised I only care about fashion and food.)  

Comme il Faut 8

RS: Tell me about the creative process in your studio and some of your references for this collection.
CIF: I think we wanted to create a sort of tel aviv style resort collection. Something that will fit the urban summer vacation.

Comme il faut 9

Photographer: Natalie Zeriker
Hair & Makeup :Karma Lacham Samorai
Model: Neta Mark for Yuli Models
To visit and for more info about the Comme il Faut concept store in TLV, click here. 


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