Meet Sofia Jon and Orli

by Roza Sinaysky | 23.05.14

When you are busy running around and multi tasking all day long like I do it’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the cool new stuff thats happening around. Every few days I just have to stop everything and go through all my emails just to make sure I won’t miss any exciting new collections like this one. When Israeli born, London educated Orli Rosen sent me images of her debut collection and an invitation to her launch event I thought this was “share” worthy and as you know my posts aren’t complete without some Q&A, so here goes!

Sofia Jon 2

RS: Tell me about this collection, is it your first one?! What’s behind it?
OS: This is my official debut collection for the brand SOFIA JON I have done collaborations in the past, but this time  I put a much fuller and mature attitude into building a long lasting brand,  there is more verity and designs and I hope one would say it’s a more coherent collection. In this collection I have drawn my inspiration from the objects that surrounds our habitat and environment, especially focusing on different types of chairs and translated them into clothes, looking at their structure, how they curve, their details and so on.

Sofia Jon 4
RS: Tell me about your background in the fashion industry.
OR: I have graduated in 2009 from Instituto Marangoni in London. Since then I have worked at fashion houses such as Aminaka and Wilmont,Richard Nicoll in London, Wooyoungmi in Paris and Lilamist in Tel Aviv.

Sofia Jon 5
RS: What makes you different to all the other Israeli fashion designers?
OR: It might be too early to say, but I believe that my approach into designing a collection will keep changing all the time and I think that  it will show in the future collections. I get bored very quickly and I always want to try something new. So I guess one would say that the core of this brand is ever changing to different directions. I always recall GILES Deacon‘s collections and I admire his way of putting a collection together-nothing really makes sense, no coherence at all, but paradoxically does make sense on its on own right. 

Sofia Jon 6

RS: Tell me about your creative process, where are the ideas coming from?
The initial idea usually comes from an object, it could be anything; a piece of cloth, an old T-shirt or a Different objects that normally surround us and seemingly are quiet ordinary. I try to look at these objects and re appreciate their aesthetic from a new angle and then develop my research from that point onwards.

Sofia Jon 7

RS: I love your look book, tell me a bit about it.
OR: Thank you! 
I wanted to show the collection on a white background to emphasis the design using a bold light expose, I’ve inserted different objects that were lying around the studio that I thought would connect to my initial idea of furniture. In some shots I wanted to play with the idea of capturing the “behind the scenes” of the photo shoot and to try to make it feel more natural and playful as appose to a traditional cookbook.

Sofia Jon 3

RS: What are the wishes and desires for your brand?
OR: I hope to continue the legacy of my grandparents Sofia and John who were fashion designers in the swinging sixties of London, which is whom I named the brand after I hope for the brand to grow and evolve as I wish for my self as an individual, naturally I would hope to expend abroad at some point as well.

Sofia Jon 8
RS: How is it like to work in Yaffo, tell me about your creative environment.
OR: Working in Yaffo is great! I am quiet lucky to have the chance to be working amongst creative minds from various backgrounds such as a pottery workshop, an art gallery and even a 3D studio, which all contributes to the way I approach my design process and in general induce creativity. 


Photos by Gilad Bar Shalev.
Model: Meiran Menkes
Hair and make up: Dana Kfir
Sofia Jon studio at Mithan Noga,Nitzana 14St. Tel:052-5588787.
Join Orli at the Sofia Jon event 26th-28th May.



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