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by Roza Sinaysky | 17.05.14

As you know by now my sartorial choices are very limited as I refuse to wear patterns, bright colours or anything remotely eye catching but it still doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good combination of those elements when I see them. Daniela Gelfer’s collection was the perfect example of how you can mix prints,patterns and textures together and still look chic, when I saw her vibrant Spring – Summer 2014 collection it brought a smile to my face so I decided to share. The Danish designer also answered a few of my questions just to make it more interesting for you! Enjoy.

Gelfer 9

Tell me about this collection, is it your first one?! What’s behind it?
DG: This collection is not my first one, since I have been working with my label for more than a decade, starting out in N.Y in the age of 18. With this collection I was very inspired by my trip to Japan and its culture. The shapes and forms of my key pieces such as the origami skirt, The Tulip Dress/Top and the Japanika Dress are all inspired by this.

Gelfer 2

RS: Tell me about your background in the fashion industry.
DG: I have worked in the International design and art world for over 10 years including Copenhagen, N.Y.,Paris and Milan where I have lived for 8 years. My work resume includes high prestige people from the fashion world, such as Giorgio Armani, Vogue China and Performing Artist Erykah Badu. You can say that by now, that I “have been around”.

Gelfer 3

RS: What makes you different to all the other Israeli fashion designers?
DG: I guess you can say that my trademark  is a lot of colours, prints and textures are what makes me very different in the Israeli fashion scene. Quality is very important to me so I use alot of natural fabrics like silk and cotton. I think that  Israeli designers have tendency to use alot of polyester and jersey, and are more low key on the colour side. Having a European background and style is also something that I naturally take with me in my creations and process and I guess its something that you can’t really miss.

Gelfer 4

RS: Tell me about your creative process, where are the ideas coming from?
DG: I often go to flea markets to look for Vintage treats everything from handmade local, artisanal crafts, to clothing, jewellery and interior pieces. For me, travelling around the world is a strong source of inspiration and an opportunity to explore new culture and art. Going to museums and discovering new artists is my physical and mental stimulation, and usually it’s where I find a lot of inspiration and energy to create. My creative process can start from either a theme, a piece of fabric or a colour combination. I also try to incorporate contrasts into my design process like mixing fabrics and patterns.


RS: I love your look book, tell me a bit about it and the concept.
DG: Well, I wanted to create a red tread between each picture and an atmosphere that was very summery and colourful. I thought it would be really cool if the model would be standing inside a photo frame as if she was in a picture. So I created this artificial flower and the result is what you see.

Gelfer 5

What are the wishes and desires for your brand?
DG: My desire right now is to sell Gelfer abroad, like Japan and US. We are trying to set up a platform selling through the internet, while I am still searching for the right agent. My wish is to have my own fashion house Gelfer, more of a concept store with everything from my own clothing brand to interior pieces and art. It might be in Denmark that I will carry out my dream, since the majority of Israelis are still too “green” and too safe to understand fashion and the lifestyle behind it.

Gelfer 6

RS: How is it like to work in Tel Aviv , tell me about your creative environment.
DG: I like to surround myself with interesting people who also might be very different from myself. For me its very important to always develop and expand my knowledge no matter what field. That is why I like to have a lot of contrasts in my life, and I see myself as someone who “collects people  and characters” since it brings me a lot of new input and inspiration. Right now my boyfriend opened up my eyes to the theatre and movie scene, since he is an actor. Israel is such a booming place on the culture with a lot of great festivals of dance, cinema and art exhibitions and I am a keen fan of attending these shows. Also going on trips to get some fresh air and enjoy this beautiful country has always been apart of my lifestyle. It’s my drug and I simply can’t live without it. On the other side working in fashion in Tel Aviv is sometimes very limiting, as there are few really good textile suppliers and manufactures and all the designers are using the same ones, and it creates a big frustration. This field easily feels very narrow, and I put all my focus and energy on my research which is ultimate for my design process.
Gelfer 8
Photographer: Tom Marshak
Makeup: Omer Zugir
Model: Adi Cohen
Hair: Jay Golden


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