Tourist in my own town – part 1

by Roza Sinaysky | 13.04.14

April is probably my favourite month spent in Tel Aviv, the temperatures are rising and all my international friends are here for the holidays. It’s the only time of the year I truly allow myself to relax, what better way to do so then leaving the lap top behind and become a tourist in my own town. If you like me, spending this holiday in Tel Aviv here are some tips on how to survive the holidays like a local. This is a taste of how this passover holiday is going to look like for me , oh… if only I could wear Miu Miu and relax this way every day.  Images by Alon Reuveni. 

roza sinaysky

Pass over like any other holiday around here involves a ridiculous amount of food, try to stay healthy and walk down to Neve Tzedek for some fresh orange juice.

roza sinaysky

Tel Aviv is the city that never sleeps but make sure you do! It will be a shame to waist a sunny day on a hangover.

helga design

For all the tanning enthusiasts may I remind you it’s April and it’s not summer yet, don’t get too excited as it gets chilly in the evenings, grab your sweater on your way out.

roza sinaysky

In Tel Aviv it’s ok to talk to strangers, the most random people might become your best holiday friends and the perfect guides to all the “insider” hot spots, so don’t be shy!

miu miu

Don’t forget to take a break there’s plenty of cool cafes to rest your feet in.

roza sinaysky

Some parts of this town can look a little run down at times so make sure you look on the bright side, it’s called shabby chic.

Roza Sinaysky

Workaholics and instagram addicts, TLV is offering free wifi services around town, stay connected and make everyone jealous of your ice cream shots.

cartier israel

It’s passover time, it means the food you will find here this time of the year will all be made of or contain matzo so no pizza for you guys!!

Roza Sinaysky

In Tel Aviv everything starts late, it’s ok to be offered to have a drink at 1:00 AM, don’t be offended and let the adventures begin!

Miu Miu dress

Have fun and see you around!


All clothes by Miu Miu at Helga Design.
Watches: Cartier for Padani. 
Rings: Hot Crown 
Make up: Matan Sabag for Mac Cosmetics
Caffe 1: Lulu Kitchen Bar
Ice cream place: Anita


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