The Russians are coming

by Roza Sinaysky | 05.04.14

Something really cool happened this week in Tel Aviv and I am not just saying it as a Russian and as a fan of Russian fashion, I’m saying it and writing this post because I’m truly excited! Vaingold Show Room officially opened it’s marvellous Jaffa gates this week with one agenda: to introduce Russian and Ukrainian designers to the locals. Stav Vaingold who is a Russian born fashionista curated a beautiful collection of the most influential designers to as what she likes to call it “A collection from the black sea”. The beautiful show room will function as a boutique and in addition an online shop under the name IGLY & NITI . This super cool shoot bellow will give you a good idea of what you can find in the Vaingold Show Room. Shot by Yaniv Edry in Moscow.

Vaingold showroomA wolf suit by Alena Akhmadullina, Elena’s clothes represent the strong, independent, powerful woman, who’s also full of style and refinement. Some have even said that her designs are a definitive representation of modern femininity, so it is no wonder that you can frequently find them on the covers of the most prestige fashion magazines in the world.

Vaingold Showroom All in white by Svetlana Bevza, a young fashion designer from Russia, which incorporates western and eastern styles with great sophistication and manages to create exciting and vibrant results every time. Svetlana wants to create a better world, and a better world means a designed world, yet without posture; impressive, but etiquette less. Bevza’s design philosophy promotes the values ​​of minimalism, simplicity, sensuality and noble accuracy.

Vaingold Showroom

Printed onesie by Viva Vox, the power of this esteemed Russian brand can be found in the contradictions and surprises it provides continually; in the strong and unshakable identity of the designs; and of course, in the results, which are a fascinating combination of sensuality and intellect.

Vaingold showroom

Another look from Akhmadullina to rock the streets of TLV in!

Vaingold showroom

This wall paper and heavy  furniture are familiar view to everyone who grew up in Russia, I can see where the inspiration came from.

Vaingold Showroom

A look by Moscow-based label  Cyrille Gassiline, structured without being too stiff, feminine but not revealing, balanced between funky and classic. When you need something cool to wear every day this guy never disappoints.

Vaingold ShowroomA look by Ksenia Schnaider, the brand was founded in 2011 by talented Ukrainian fashion designer Ksenia Berchenko and esteemed Russian graphic designer Anton Schneider. The duo founded unique and original Studio, with a distinct Scandinavian appeal, which is responsible for beautiful, comfortable, stylish and functional clothes. The “Corruption” cap is a very relevant accessory in Ukraine these days and I feel like ordering the T shirt version of it.

Vaingold showroom

Vaingold Show Room
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