A fresh view on Tel Aviv

by Roza Sinaysky | 28.03.14

Sometimes when you stay too long  in one place you get so used to your surroundings that things you once found exciting and cool become familiar and well, less exciting. When you stop noticing the little things as the days go by the only way to see them with fresh eyes is having someone from outside to point them out for you, this is exactly what Alina Asmus did for me. Alina is young photographer and a fashion designer from Hamburg, what brought her here is her fashion design studies in Shenkar , what made her stay is the landscape and friendly environment of our town. Take a glimpse to her view on Tel Aviv.

Alina Asmusaite 2

“I started to observe the city. Everywhere I go I tend to see interesting places, corners and ideas for photos and shoots. I see things here differently than in Europe”

Alina Asmusaite 3

“There is  something undiscovered here and that’s what I love about being in Tel Aviv, it keeps me going on and on, thinking about new projects everyday”

Alina Asmusaite 4

“I like to combine the city with my own special taste in fashion, and that’s exactly what you see in my pictures”

Alina Asmusaite 5

A Tel Avivian beauty adding some spark to the neighbourhood.

Alina Asmusaite 6

“I worked part time in an architecture studio. This time influenced me a lot, I see the beauty of buildings and shapes. Lines and structures became essential to my own taste and the style of all my works”

Alina Asmus 7

“Overall Israel is very inspiring for me, the special light and the unique architecture have  a strong impact on me every day. I like the white/bright look and clearness in many buildings, my feelings and visions here changed a lot.”

Alina 8

“Basically my photography is based on fashion / architecture / sensibility and feelings. I love to capture the moment and also the unexpected”.

Alina Asmus 9

“I studies fashion design in London and Germany, but while studying I always loved to organzine photo shoots and develop the photos, my photos are a combination of both worlds”

Alina Asmus 10

Habima Square, model Kianne @devotional management.

Alina Asmus 11

A Street in Neve Tzedek , model: Ayala @devotional management clothes by Alina Asmus.

Alina Asmus 12

Thank you for making me look up again Alina, I am looking forward to seeing more of your new and exciting angles of Tel Aviv.


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