In Silver Lining

by Roza Sinaysky | 22.03.14

Around here April is known for it’s hecticness within the local fashion industry so for the next 3 weeks it’s going to be a fashion mania with presentations, launches, parties and plenty of fun things for me to write about. It started this week when I attended Maya Negri’s S/S 14 presentation and I must say it was one to remember. A small group of journalists (including yours truly) gathered on the 7th floor of a busy parking lot and found ourselves watching a fashion show while lying on white puffy pillows and drinking champaign inside a golden tent (told you it was one to remember!!) Once the show was over and I finally snapped back to reality I caught up with the designer to find out what it was all about. Images by Alon Reoveni.  

Maya Negri 1

RS: Please tell us a little bit about this collection and what is behind it.
MN:  In this collection I played with textures and geometric shapes, I mixed between scales of the same shape in particular I used many prints with a square motif in different forms and scales, I tried to look at the same shape in many different angles and tried them on several fabrics and garments and that gave the collection a cohesive feel full of movement and fluidity.

Maya Negri 2

RS: From seeing the collection, I noticed your diverse use of fabrics (from Japan, from Italy and so on) did you travel to any exotic  places for research and source fabrics and ideas?
MN: This collection like most all my other collections was inspired and based on my curious nature to new fabrics and shapes. This season myself and my co designers Mark Goldenberg and Tamar Cohen visited Paris, we explored Premier Vision and we came back to our studio completely enchanted by the youthful chic of this city, we took many elements from what we saw and translated them into this collection and of course added our own twist to it.

Maya Negri 3

Maya Negri 15

Your presentation was shown in one of the most original forms I ever seen, tell us more about it please.
MN: The set up was designed by Gabriel Klasmer who is an artist I admire for many years, what I love is his ability to create a unique experience that is beyond “art” I admire his use of materials and the way he creates new and unexpected forms. I was thrilled to work with him on this project, the light and airy silver bubble he created for the show went so well with the concept of this collection.

Maya Negri 5 Maya Negri 7

RS: Your personal style shows in your collections, how would you describe it.
MN: I would say my style is very feminine, minimalistic and modern. I believe in wearable clothes that are comfortable and flattering to the body. I also believe modest and unrevealing clothes can be sexy and seductive.

Maya Negri 8

Maya Negri 9

RS: In your designs you seem to capture the real essence of “Israeli Style” tell us what it means for you to be an Israeli designer.
MN: I believe real fashion is the out come of the reality you live in, considering the life style of person who consumes it off course. Being an Israeli designer means I get to enjoy and be inspired what this country has to offer my culturally and ethnically without loosing touch with what is going on in the rest of the world. It’s important for me to make sure my garments are not only aesthetically appealing I also want them to be comfortable for women to wear in our hot climate.

Maya Negri 10

Maya Negri 11
RS: Women of all shapes and ages love to wear your clothes, what do you think the secret to good dressing is?
MN: I think the secret to good dressing is all about the communication we have with ourselves, once we find awareness of what suits our bodies, our environment and life styles then we can dress intuitively according to what we already know.

Maya Negri 12

Maya Negri 13

RS: What makes your brand so successful? And are you concede ring expanding internationally? (Flipping throughout the beautiful look book, wearing my rings by Hot Crown)
MN: I already have several international stockists and there is an interest from international buyers so I do have this goal in my mind but I like things to happen naturally in their own pace, in the mean time I am concentrating on the present and on the local market and I think that is what makes my brand successful, I take things as they come and believe in my own gut feeling and of the ones I work closely with.

Maya Negri 14

In Maya’s Spring Summer 2014 collection you will find geometrical print light coats, monochromatic jersey and silk tops and dresses, linen shorts and skirts and some great floor length dresses that will be very useful to you when things heat up here.


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