Zig Zig Fever

by Roza Sinaysky | 14.03.14

While everyone was so busy running around TLV Fashion Week like headless chickens I decided to focus on what’s really important: The clothes. As you may heard this week Tel Aviv gave a very warm welcome to some of the most influential ladies in fashion, the Missoni family (all 3 generations came to visit, Rosita, Angela and Teresa) and Vogue Italia’s editor in Chief Franca Sozzani and as you can imagine it was pretty much a big deal. With all the hype around the event I took a closer look at what was going on backstage and fell in love with the new young and vibrant zig zag Missoni brought along from Milano. Images by Ami Siano.

Missoni 2

Backstage the zigzags are getting ready for action.

Missoni 3

Just hanging…

Missoni 4

Take a closer look at the famous prints.

Missoni 5

The only bit of rain we had for months around here had to pour down this week, luckily this vibrant collection made it all worth while.

Missoni 6

Made in Milan presented in Tel Aviv.

Missoni 7

We are so ready for summer, bring on the flip flops!!

Missoni 8

The perfect look for a local fashionista.

Missoni 9

The famous zig zag prints are making a splash on the Tel Avivian catwalk.

Missoni 11

Textures, prints and layers. Summer vibe in wintery TLV.

Missoni 12

Thank you Missoni for brining some summer  to the only rainy week we had in months.


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