Having fun with Idan

by Roza Sinaysky | 08.03.14

So many times I promised him I’ll swing by his new studio and check out the collection, so many times I had to postponed and finally last Sunday I found a spare hour in my busy day to pay a visit to Idan Laros‘ new working space. Idan who is a dear friend and one of Tel Aviv’s most promising young designers invited me to his creative hub dressed me up, made me dance around and pretend I am an Olsen twin, honestly I should have done it a long time ago cause what happened while we played 90’s hip hop and tried clothes on in front of a photographer was pure FUN! Photos by Ami Siano.

Idan Laros 2

RS: You got such great feedback on your last collection, how was it for you this season? Was it a warm welcome as well?
IL: This season was also great, I found myself interacting with new type of customers who really appreciate what I do, there was a buzz around this collection too and I’m really overwhelmed by how greatly it was received.

Idan Laros 3

RS: Who would be your ideal customer? 
IL: I don’t think I have someone “ideal” in mind, I discovered that my clothes can suit a 20 something year old and a 60 something year old, it’s the character who wears the clothes that make them what they are. Every woman who bought my pieces gave me a new way to think of my designs.

idan laros 4

RS: What designers you admire? Are there any recent fashion shows you loved in particular? 
IL: I am following Stella McCartney, she designs for women who like to be comfortable with what they were and I like her approach. The last collection of The Row was breathtaking, I am a huge fan of what these two do, unfortunately it’s hard to wear it around here but the textiles and the cuts are impeccable.

Idan Laros 5

RS: Who’s your favourite modern style icon (beside the Olsen sisters)? 
IL: It would have to be the stylist Vanessa Traina, she is the ultimate cool girl, I admire her effortless style and the way she carries her clothes and the spirit she adds to the outfit is EVERYTHING a girl should be.

Idan Laros 6

RS: What are you working on now? What we will see from you next season? 
IL: Next season will be all about androgyny very Emmanuelle Alt, a lot of easy fits and very nonchalant very Parisian style cuts, I am very excited to bring a new twist to my collection.


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    Wow. Cool pics! Love love love the red outfit


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