Talking Couture with Giambattista Valli

by Roza Sinaysky | 25.01.14

Paris, Couture, Fashion, Week. I guess that says it all and as I am still lost for words to describe my incredible experience I’ll just share one of the many great moments I had during this magical week. I had the pleasure of meeting one of my most admired designers Giambattista Valli and after his breath taking show and a backstage visit I also received some fascinating answers about the world of Couture by Mr Valli himself, here is what he had to say. (All photos taken by Nicolas Kantor)


What was the idea behind this couture show? This collection was all about the freshness of my customers, I wanted the collection to be ageless so I created something any woman at any age can relate to and will want to wear. I have customers as young as 20 years old so I have to keep their youthful spirit in my mind when I design, for me it’s all about the attitude of the girl and the way she carries the dress no matter what age she is. I was inspired by the attitude of the Parisian women, they have a sensual approach to dressing, in a way they are a bit nervous but also adventurous and very easy going. There are a lot wrappings and drapes in this collection and the idea is that a couture dress can be as easy to wear as a towel after your bath, just wrap it around you and you are ready to go. I added embellishment, embroidery and colours to this spontaneous mood and that’s how this collection was born.


Couture seemed to have gone a bit casual this season, Chanel and Dior even presented a whole collection with  sneakers, do you relate to that? Yes, I think it should be more easy today, women are independent and the clothes have to reflect on that. When I design the couture collections now I am using the knowledge, the traditions and the technics of couture but use them in a wearable and effortless way, for me it’s all about the girls who wear them and how they chose to put the pieces together, every woman has her own individual way of wearing my dresses.


How can a woman look glamorous without buying a couture dress? I think matching colours is a very important thing when it comes to look glamorous, also it’s not important if you wear designer or not it’s all about your attitude, it’s the way you present yourself in the clothes, fashion is a self expression tool for any woman.


Looks like there is a fine line between couture and ready to wear today, do you feel it when you design a collection?  For me fashion is a message, and the message is clear, it doesn’t have to be just black and white, for me it’s all about a mix of colours and textures and making a statement with a dress but Couture is couture and ready to wear is ready to wear for me it’s two separate worlds.


The collection was so colourful, are you that optimistic when it comes to fashion? I want to be faithful to my customers, in a special occasion a woman doesn’t want to look like a widow or a bride, I want a woman wants to feel special and extravagant when she wears my dresses.


You obviously dress a lot of celebrities and movie starts, do you have the red carpet in mind when you design couture? No, never I hate red carpet right now!!! I never think of a celebrity when I design, it’s not my aim to dress a celebrity, the last celebrity I dressed was Rihanna for the Grammys two years ago and Dian Kruger for Cannes I think it’s nice to dress one celebrity for a very special event that will be remembered for a long time, my aim is not to be seen everywhere but I want to give a memorable moment.

Giambattista Valli Talking Couture with the master himself. If you can’t get enough of his stunning designs like I am the ready to wear line is available at Helga Design.


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