First we take Schumacher then we take Berlin

by Roza Sinaysky | 17.01.14

This is the official beginning of my 10 day fashion extravaganza, It starts at Berlin Fashion Week and will end at Couture Fashion Week in Paris when I’m passed out and completely fashion over dosed. So here goes, my first adventure stared yesterday when I was kindly invited to attend the SCHUMACHER A/W 14 fashion show and after a quick stop at the after show cocktails at DSQ206 I just couldn’t get enough so I decided to team up with this great brand and try on their new Spring -Summer collection. This is how it looked like when I took over the Schumacher Berlin store, step by step.

Schumacher 2

Step one, fell in love with a cashmere sweater two sizes too big, no luck.

Schumacher 3

Step two, refused to take off the beloved sweater while kept hydrated by the friendly staff.

Schumacher 4

Ok, last one of that swather!!

Schumacher 5

Step three, fit in the beautiful surrounding and ignore the freezing cold outside by wearing a sleeveless denim dress.

Schumacher 6

Step four, dreaming of owning this sleeveless denim dress (and the star necklace).

Schumacher 7

Step five: Don’t forget to smile!!!

Schumacher 8

Step six, accessorise! My new Hot Crown rings who are traveling with me all the way from sunny TLV.

Schumacher 9

Last step, go crazy! Thank you Dorothee Schumacher and the crew for letting me make a mess in your shop! Just so you know the collection is also available in Tel Aviv at Helga Design, so watch out!!


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  1. 01 Elena

    LOVE this sleeveless denim dress


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