Snappy new year

by Roza Sinaysky | 31.12.13

December 31 20:00 pm, getting ready for a New Year’s party, puzzled about tonights outfit and as always fashionably late, BUT in the heat of the moment I thought it would be nice to gather all the fun moments I had this year and share them here, with you lot. Also this is probably the best time to say thank you dear readers for the support and the loyal following, I promise to keep you posted on my fashionable adventures in 2014!!!


Nina Ricci Show in Paris February 2013 breathtaking finale I was one lucky lady to watch it so up close. (Main photo from my trip to Moscow which was also one hell of a highlight)

Roza sinaysky

One of my favourite outfits of the year was this Peter Pilotto enable from Helga Design my favourite shop in TLV.

Dior Couture

March 2013 Dior Couture show Paris was also quite the highlight of this year.


Got to visit my favourite accessory designer Shourouk!

Delfina Delattrez

And payed visit to this lady in Rome, Delfina Delattrez in her studio.

roza sinaysky tal shiry

I partied, a lot… Really…. (here with my bestie Tal Shiry at Holon Fashion Week)

Victor and Rolf

Then this happened… Victor and Rolf’s amazing show!

Roza sinaysky

In general 2013 was an exciting year full of new adventures and new opportunities but I am now ready to leave it behind and greet 2014!! Let the countdown begin!


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