Black dresses and bubble gums

by Roza Sinaysky | 26.12.13

If you read my blog regularly you probably aware of my obsession with black dresses and my general phobia of wearing colour (this info might come in total contradiction to my last post, apologies) so when I come across a rail of pretty black dresses, grey jackets and crisp white shirts there’s no chance I will pass it by. That’s what happened when I first saw Ella Levy’s collection, It wasn’t just the palette that caught my eye but also the freshness and girlyness of her garments, there was something fun and adventures about them and I just had to take a closer look. Time to get girly and talk fashion over a bubble gum, here are a few words from the monochrome loving designer herself.

Ella Levy 2

How I started ?

About a year ago I finished a fascinating period at the Victor Bellaish (who is specialising in bridal and evening wear) studio as a design assistant, during this time I had the chance to learn new design skills and get experienced in different technique and ways of creation garments. Working for such a experienced designer definitely prepared me for my next step which is to create my own label. When I felt ready enough to create my own brand, I launched my first collection, it was last year.

Ella Levy 3

My designs…

One of my favourite elements includes cut outs, most of my designs provide a small glimpse to the naked skin under or between the fabric  and make a high contrast between the conservative figures and the shades of the body. When I start to design a garment I always think of ways I can mix all my ideas into one piece, the aim is to rise above all the white noise that surounds such a process and focus, I strive to find my own clear line while keeping loyal and true to my own design signature.

Ella Levy 4

My costumers:  

It’s becoming easier for me to get to know my costumers, because eventually my clients are just stylish women who love fine clothes, and appreciate high fashion. My brand’s style is very specific, it’s based on a black and white palette, it’s a combination between soft and delicate fabrics and every girl can find herself wearing any of my dresses.

Ella Levy 5

Who is a Tel Avivian fashion girl?

She is a mix of so many things but mainly she is a super cool girl you see on the street, who feels comfortable with herself and she is not afraid to show it to the world.

Ella Levy 6

My upcoming collection

These days I’m working on my next collection for summer 2014, this time it is going to be a bigger collection which is going to keep on the general direction, but with a unique twist, black and white and everything in between.

Ella Levy 7

Where can you find me?

At my studio, on Mosinzon 3 st. Tel Aviv, by appointment on this number 052-399-0483

‘Banot’, Dizingof 212 st. Tel Aviv

‘Emilka’ Sokolv 63 st. Ramat Hasharon

My website – www.ellalevy.com



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