In Style with Ron Kedmi and Gal Apple

by Roza Sinaysky | 12.12.13

The amount of times I am asked about styling studies is uncountable. It seems like everyone around me suddenly wants to become a stylist. But hey, who am I to say no to education. For those fashion enthusiasts who asked me, this one is for you. The Ron Kedmi Academy is now joining forces with Israel’s top fashion stylist Gal Apple and offering a styling course along with their infamous and  super popular photography course.

Ron Kedmi 2

The course will include lessons from industry’s top professionals (that even includes one lecture from yours truly!) the program will cover fashion history studies, mood board making, styling for TV and commercials and you will also get the chance to shoot editorials and learn all about the team involved in a fashion shoot. Who’s in?

Ron Kedmi 3

Ron Kedmi is Israel’s top fashion photographer. Along with his team at Ron Kedmi Workshops, they produce some of the most beautiful images which can be seen in local fashion magazines, commercials and videos.

Ron Kedmi 4

For those of you who are interested in expending their fashion knowledge this is a great opportunity to do so. Hurry up as the registrations to the course are about to end next week.

Ron Kedmi 5

A source of inspiration and a legendary photographer Ron Kedmi can be your teacher if you choose to take the course!

Ron Kedmi 5

The stylist and the course mentor Gal Apple on set with Noam and Lana.

For more info about the course click here. Hope to see you guys in my lecture!


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