You Complét me

by Roza Sinaysky | 23.11.13

I met Leonora Fuhrer around this time last year, her elegance, graceful manners and exquisite taste left their mark on me, this was a fashionable friendship waiting to happen. This year Leonora decided to put her good taste and passion for fashion into practise and together with her close friend and business partner Sivan Moshkovitz she launched “Complét” a brand that is all about practical modern bags. Images by: Merav Ben Loulou.

Complét 2
Sivan and Leonora joined forces to create Complét, they design ‘easy to carry’ bags for your everyday use and focus on practical printed leather pieces for your daily use.


Based in Tel Aviv, the duo carefully develops graphic appealing patterns which are digitally printed on high quality leather and fabric.The Mixture of colors and textures create a unique visual language,Inspired by their ongoing urban journey.

 Complét  4

The complét concept revolves around a creative dialog while the printing technique enables quality leather to be processed in a unique manner giving both an organic and luxurious finish The artistic, versatile and contemporary designs ensure a high-impact look.

 Complét  5

The bags have already been warmly welcomed by Tel Aviv’s fashion crowd and local celebrities and been adopted by local boutiques and pop us stores like Verner and Elise.

 Complét 6

For more info visit or if you are around find them at  Comme Il Faut and Banker boutiques across Tel Aviv. 054-6286838/ 050-7665356 for more details.


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