Visiting Anya Fleet

by Roza Sinaysky | 19.11.13

Anya Fleet started her brand back in 2007, with her hand made embroidered dresses and her free spirited romantic approach to fashion she quickly became the local sovereign of “bohemian style”. Anya’s evening and bridal collections are inspired by the romantic eras of the 30’s and 40’s and each dress is tailor made by appointment only. We snack into Anya’s new studio that is located in an incredible hidden house in the old city of Yaffo, look at what we found in there.
Images by Anna Kopito.

nya fleet 2

RS: What made you want to become a fashion designer, and how did that came to reality?
AF: I grew up in a very creative environment, my parents are artists (sculptor and painter) I always loved clothes and cared about what I wear. I was sketching all the time and realised at a young age that fashion is a way of self expression so I decided to start studing fashion design at Shenkar.

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RS: You became one of Israel’s favourite bridal designers, why do you think that is.
AF: I have a very “relaxed” approach to designing bridal wear for example, my customers love the easy feeling of my dresses, I am not into corsets or restricting garments, I love when a dress floats. I give every bride a very personal feeling, the fact that I don’t have a store but a studio in my house makes them feel connected to what I have to offer, the quality fabrics I use and the attention to detail is one of the reasons they keep coming back.

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RS: Tell us about your inspirations for your dresses and your work process.
AF: I work from the guts, I like vintage dresses and the whole romantic vibe of the 20’s & 30’s but I try to create something new and updated out of those old and classic references. I like the feminine and soft styles of that era.

Anya Fleet 5

RS: You just moved to this incredible studio, how does it effect your work?
AF: Wow, what can I say, this place is everything I dreamt of and it really represents me as a person and as a designer. This new studio gives me such a great comfort I feel in my element, in my own zone and that makes me create out of compete peace of mind, it’s the best way for a designer to work – stress free!

Anya Fleet 6

RS: You are expecting your first child in several months, are you going to take a break or are you working on something?
AF: I am working on my bridal collection for 2014, I am very excited about it they are going to  be very elegant and a little bit more fashionable this time.

Anya Fleet 7

Bellow, Anya and I talking fashion, and yes I am barefoot!

Anya Fleet 8

For more details and appointments:
Phone: 077-429-9510


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