by Roza Sinaysky | 02.11.13

Idan Laros is one of those unmissable characters every fashion circle needs, a fierce attitude tied up with a very individual style and an endless desire for creation. Idan (26), who has been working as a stylist and an assistant buyer for the last few years, kept his fashion design abilities to himself. And while mysteriously disparaging from the scene for some several months he was busy focusing on his debut collection which got him the title of the “hot new designer” in recent weeks. The results of his work and a chat with the young fashion star is below.

Images by our own fellow Telavivian: Merav Ben Loulou
Hair and Make up: Nirit Hirshman,
Model: Ada for Yuli models.

laros 2

ME: How did you start your label?  

Idan: It started unofficially about six months ago. I started buying fabrics without having the slightest idea what I am going to do with them at that point. After a trip to New York I stared working with Anya Bukstein (an Israeli actress and singer). I was her personal stylist and then it happened; I designed my first garment for her, it was a silk white jumpsuit and it all took off since that moment.

laros 3

ME: It’s only your first collection but you already have a dedicated customers, who are these women you design for?

Idan: The woman I design for doesn’t look for any definitions, she just wants to be comfortable in what she wears, she wants to wear the clothes rather them wearing her. The woman I design for has a very relaxed approach to fashion and she doesn’t want to be restricted.

laros 4

ME: There is a very laid back attitude in your collection, what was the mood you were in when you created these pieces?

Idan: This collection came from a very peaceful place within me. I came to terms with myself as a designer and with my aesthetic view. I created my own little world, and in this world I saw who would be wearing and enjoying my designs, some of who I saw were fashion muses from different eras. I thought even Bianca Jagger can enjoy a good silk kimono dress.

Laros 5

ME: How is your collection received so far? What are the feedbacks?

Idan:  I am so thrilled as I am getting very good feedbacks. Most of my collection is sold out. My dress is on the cover of the biggest fashion magazine this month and I am getting more orders, even from brides. It is a very exciting process and I’m surprised every day.

Laros 9

Me:  You are doing very well as an alternative non-mainstream designer, do you think the face of the creative industry here in Tel Aviv is changing?

Idan: I totally think it is changing, but I now see the financial difficulties local designers have nevertheless it seems like there is a lot more awareness to quality and alternative design then ever before. I hope that that awareness for funding young talent will also be part of our culture.

idan 7

ME: Whats next for Idan Laros the label?

Idan: Working on my S/S 14 collection, so stay tuned!

Laros 8

For more details:, 052-4700597

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