TLV Fashion Night Part Two

by Roza Sinaysky | 23.10.13

TLV fashion night is approaching, if you are around this Thursday please feel free to pop in to Kikar Hamedina and enjoy a fab evening, as I mentioned before. It is going to be full of fashionable surprises (and even goodie bags!). This is part two of my trip to the luxury district, this time like no other, I am having a ball, hanging on the racks of Amor boutique and escaping with some furry zebra loafers from the Pretty Ballerinas store. Ok, now you know the truth, I am not just a pretty face but also a professional trouble maker!!! TLV Fashion Night here I come!
Photos by Zohar Shitrit.

tlv fashion night

Planning my escape in those crystal studded brogues by Dolce & Gabbana.

tlv fashion night

Ready, steady, RUN!!!!

TLV fashion night

Celebrate fashion in Tel Aviv. This Thursday, from 18:00. No need to reserve, and the entrance is free! Happenings all across Kikar Hamedina. Be there!


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