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by Roza Sinaysky | 25.09.13

Can you remember the last time you took a break? I mean a real break… When was the last time you spent a few good hours away from your emails, your whatsapps or your social media apps? I couldn’t remember when was the last time I took such a break and found this fact  somehow very disturbing. I decided to do something about this lack of  digital relaxation and with a little help of the kind people at Dr. Hauschka I got the perfect unwinding experience I needed. The German brand has created a relaxing little treatment for those in a rush but still wish to be pampered and rejuvenated. It worked on me, I feel brand new!


Coola. Best spa in town according to Time Out Magazine.


Exactly what the Dr prescribed: natural, relaxing, organic and phone free  treatment, just like that, in the middle of the day.


A perfect way to spend the afternoon.


Ohhhhh… You shouldn’t have!


A room with a view. This is what you’ll get when you visit the spa for your treatment.


45 – 90 min treatments available for those in a hurry and theses are just some of the chemical free products that are used in the treatment.


Take a deep breath and book a Dr Hauschka treatment at Coola.

Address: Bait BaNamal

Hangar 26, Tel Aviv Harbor, Tel Aviv.

call: 03-7171540 or email:


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