On a Festive Note

by Roza Sinaysky | 03.09.13

What better way to open the festive season then getting over dressed and clinking glasses with your bestie. Accompanied by my new super stylish friend Koketit, both wearing our feathered Dries Van Noten dresses we hit the streets just before the silence of the holidays kicked in. Oh what a night!!

Koketit illustrated by Shira Barzilay, photos by Natalie Zeriker make up by Netta Szekely  for M.A.C. shoot in Imperial Bar Tel Aviv all clothes available at Helga Design.

Raise a glass for a stylish new jewish year!

Koketit hailing a cab in a Phillip Lim outfit, I went for a sporty Lanvin look and a silk Prada bag.

Check out Koketit’s own blog , Shira’s Instagram is also worth following, find her under  shicha22@ HAPPY AND PEACEFUL HOLIDAYS!



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