Rush Hashana

by Roza Sinaysky | 28.08.13

Rosh Hashana, also known as the Jewish new year and the cause of chaos to many of the people of Israel. The preparations for this holiday seem to always start way too soon and you can feel the tension in the air at least a week before it’s actually time to celebrate anything. But hey, such holy celebration is no reason to complain but an occasion to rejoice. Another reason to be jolly with this up coming holiday is the AdikaStyle POP up shop, it’s launches this Friday and it might just help you find that perfect “dinner with the family” outfit and take a bit of that “rushed” holiday pressure away…

Images by Michael Topyol.

Look your best while dining with the loved ones.

Don’t forget to save room for desert.

The Adika POP UP Store will also offer previous season stock for up to 70% off.

The Adika POP UP Store starts Friday 30.8 Kalisher 42 Street Tel Aviv, for more details and opening hours click here. 



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