Ruby’s Girls

by Roza Sinaysky | 22.08.13

I discovered Ruby’s creations by seeing them appearing on my ‘news feed’ every now and then. Ever since we became Facebook friends several months ago I can’t get enough of her work. Ruby Bat Arnon is an Israeli artist who grew up in Holland where she studied art and got most of her inspiration from. Ruby creates images using multi media (painting,photography,print etc…) but she implements her skills as a fashion designer to dress the characters in her paintings and that’s one of the many reasons I adore her paintings.

Fashion meets art. Inspirations from the catwalk,? Is this Prada S/S 12?

One of Ruby’s earlier collages featuring a girl, a Bambi, a few rockets and some sea creatures. The result is totally bananas!

Self portrait. Fairy looking Ruby Bat Arnon in a floaty white dress in motion with a lot of emotion.

Ruby is mainly inspired by 17th century Dutch paintings which depicted the ruff collar almost as the focal point of the composition. In her work the ruff collars are used as a metaphor of the burden women have to endure throughout the ages.

“I am still of the idea that women are more vulnerable than ever. I feel that they are still prisoners of the never ceasing demands of the contemporary society” The masked characters in her painting mainly reflect Ruby’s alter ego and  the juxtaposition of her girls always make me sigh…


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