What’s your trend stream?

by Roza Sinaysky | 10.08.13

Zara are well known for their immaculate ability to translate even the most challenging trends and make them wearable to an insane amount of people all over the world. This season is no different. The Spanish fashion giant realised that these days fashion and trends are divided to streams, and as wise modern consumers we know exactly what brands and what trends we relate to each season, that is why there’s always something for everyone in their shops. If you are a fashion savvy I am sure you will recognise where the inspiration for these looks came from. Check out the brand’s beautiful new winter campaign and choose your stream. photography: Patrick Demarchelier


If like me you find yourself dreaming of owning a Celine bag a Jill Sander coat a Stella Mccartney dress, Balenciaga shoes and Alexander Wang everything then you must belong to my tribe, the minimalistic chic tribe that is.


If you love your studs and leopards and you are not afraid to mix your florals with your plaids then you are it, the new edgy Saint Lauren girl.


If Marc Jacobs is your one true love and if this season’s Louis Vuitton show gave you the chills then you are a boho girl at heart. Long floral dress with ankle boots and an over sized vintage looking coat is the look you will adopt this season.


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